Would You Pass School Biology Right Now?

If all the questions were multiple choice, that is. Real questions from past GCSE exam papers.

    1. Stem cells dividing.
    2. Sex cells dividing.
    3. Organs working together.
    4. Similar cells working together.
    1. At the membrane.
    2. In the mitochondria.
    3. In the nucleus.
    4. At the ribosome.
    1. Thymine with adenine, cytosine with guanine.
    2. Thymine with guanine, adenine with cytosine.
    3. Uracil with adenine, guanine with cytosine.
    4. Uracil with thymine, guanine with cytosine.
    1. A gene from another species.
    2. A gene from the same species.
    3. Chromosomes from the same species.
    4. Proteins from another species.
    1. Make bile.
    2. Make lipase.
    3. Store bile.
    4. Store lipase.
    1. One X chromosome.
    2. One Y chromosome.
    3. Two X chromosomes.
    4. Two Y chromosomes.

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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