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Who's The Worst Disney Character Of All Time?

No, Olaf, I do NOT want to build a snowman!

There are some Disney characters who are SUPPOSED to be awful. Where would we be without iconic evil villains like Scar?

But then there are characters we're supposed to love, but just...don't. Characters who are meant to be brave heroes or cute sidekicks, but actually end up being really annoying.

So, we want to know — who's the worst Disney character ever?

Maybe Belle from Beauty and the Beast used to be your favorite princess, but now you find her pretentious and rude.

Maybe you don't find Olaf from Frozen adorable — maybe you think he's actually pretty dang terrifying.

Or maybe Alice from Alice in Wonderland drives you absolutely mad because all she does is get into trouble and create gigantic messes for other people to clean up.

Tell us in the comments what Disney character bugs you the most and why! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!