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Which TV Couples Have No Chemistry Whatsoever?

These ships aren't passing the chemistry exam.

There are some TV couples who simply have amazing chemistry. Sparks fly when they're on the screen, dialogue flows naturally, and they just work.

Logan and Veronica from "Veronica Mars"

But then there are other TV couples who don't seem to have any chemistry at all. As much as the show tries to convince us that they're totally in love, we just can't buy it!

Ari and Guzmán in "Elite"

So, we want to know: Which TV couples honestly have no chemistry?

Miles and Tristan from "Degrassi"

Maybe you couldn't stand Ginny and Hunter together on Ginny and Georgia because Ginny was obviously into Marcus and only with Hunter because her friends pushed her to date him.

Perhaps you will absolutely NEVER forgive the writers for putting Jackie and Fez together on That '70s Show because it made no sense and she and Hyde were clearly meant to be.

Or maybe you literally roll your eyes every time Archie and Veronica hook up on Riverdale because their relationship feels so played out and boring at this point.

Tell us which TV couple has the least amount of chemistry and why the relationship feels so forced. Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!