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    15 TV High Schools That Should Have Definitely Been Shut Down

    If I were principal of any of these schools, I would simply quit.

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    Let's be real: Teen drama high schools are a litttllleee different from normal high schools.

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    Spoilers ahead!

    But some of them in particular are so bad, so completely sketchy, that let's face it: they are beyond saving. Here are some teen drama high schools that honestly just should've been shut down. We've given every school a grade of 1โ€“10, with one being the least problematic and 10 being "please burn the whole building to the ground."

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    Warning: This post contains mentions of sexual assault, school shootings, suicide, and violence.

    1. Degrassi Community School from Degrassi: 100/10


    I'm still baffled that any parent would continue to send their child to this school. Sure, they have some good sports teams and educational programs but they've also had pretty much every terrible thing possible happen there: stabbings, shootings, students dying, the school burning down... You're lucky if you make it out of this school alive! Honestly, they should just stop having school dances โ€” those never seem to end well. I'm sorry, Principal Simpson, but this school is cursed.

    Worst thing that happened there: Oh man, this is a tough one to narrow down. I'm gonna have to go with the infamous Rick Murray shooting that left Jimmy (aka Drake) in a wheelchair. J.T.'s death is a close second, but that happened off campus.

    2. Liberty High from 13 Reasons Why: 10/10


    To be fair, a lot of the horrible things technically happened outside of school...but MAN, this high school was a whole other level of bad. First of all, Hannah went through so much in Season 1 and nobody really tried to help her, even the guidance counselor. Then there was the super fucked up clubhouse stuff in Season 2 that a bunch of the jocks were in on, the murder investigation in Season 3...just burn the whole school down at this point.

    Worst thing that happened there: A lot of awful things happened to the students, but I think the most horrific thing that happened on campus was Monty assaulting Tyler in the bathroom. I will never, ever rewatch that scene.

    3. Beacon Hills High from Teen Wolf: 9/10

    a bunch of people in hazmat suits entering the school

    In the first season alone, we had Peter hunting down the kids inside the school as they tried to make a barricade and Molotov cocktails, and then the season ended with Lydia being attacked at a school dance. Things only got worse from there: like in Season 4 when they literally had to quarantine everyone taking the PSAT because an outbreak happened and all the wolves started dying, and then Stiles almost got shot. Or in Season 5 when Stiles literally killed someone in the library. Or maybe when Liam tried to kill Stiles (again, in the library) as Hayden died AT SCHOOL.

    Worst thing that happened there: God, there are so many, but I think I have to go with the quarantine episode where everyone was dying, because the authorities literally knew about that.

    4. Mystic Falls High School from The Vampire Diaries: 8/10

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    Any one of the decade dances were reason alone to shut the school down. They also kept going back to the school and running through hallways from vampires even AFTER they graduated for no real reason. Also, anyone remember when Bonnie's dead body was literally in the basement for all of graduation?? What happened to it?? The Council 100% should've shut this place down.

    Worst thing that happened there: Probably when Klaus took over the school on senior prank night and made Stefan turn his humanity off (and kill two students). Oh and Tyler got killed and became a hybrid. And Matt drowned himself in the pool so that he could see Vicky. All in the same episode.

    5. Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted from Legacies: 9/10

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    I mean, to be fair, this school has to deal with a lot higher stakes โ€” it is a school for the supernatural after all! But considering the amount of deaths, monster attacks, and students being buried alive, I'm...concerned. I need Damon to come back and take over, because I don't think Alaric has any idea what he's doing!

    Worst thing that happened there: I'm gonna have to go with students getting trapped in the prison world.

    6. Sunnydale High from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 100000/10

    the school blows up
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    There were literally SO MANY deaths of students and faculty that were just brushed off. The school paper had an obituary section. Need I say more? I don't even know where to start here: The people of Sunnydale were basically picked off like ants and I was kind of surprised there were any left. There were so many rituals and curses and deadly vampire attacks and possessions.

    Worst thing that happened there: Probably when the school was literally blown up. Why did they reopen it??

    7. Riverdale High from Riverdale: 11/10

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    Oh, man. This has got to be one of the worst. From the mass seizures in the halls to the Gargoyle King missions to the principal being killed multiple times to a cult taking over the school to (deep breath) Midge being killed literally during the school play, it's a wonder this place stayed open. And that's not even MENTIONING Ms. Grundy.

    Worst thing that happened there: I want to say the mass seizure because it was just really...something, but I think I have to go with junior prom, where Betty fought both the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King and stumbled upon the bodies of three students and it was completely brushed over.

    8. Stonewall Prep from Riverdale: 5/10

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    I'm still confused on what this school is. TBH, I didn't really understand this season. It kind of just seemed like a front for some sort of creepy murder game to win the Baxter Brothers series?? How did this go on so long? And how did Jughead solve it in a matter of weeks? Wouldn't someone have tried to stop it before?

    Worst thing that happened there: Probably their professor launching himself out the window in the middle of class.

    9. Rosewood High from Pretty Little Liars: 6/10

    Caleb looks around sweating in the school kiln

    I'm giving this a lower score because a lot of the sketchiest stuff happened outside the halls of the actual school, and to my knowledge, no one ever died inside it. Still, there were definitely a lot of messed up things that happened at school-run events. Like when Meredith was almost blown up at their 10K? Or when Ali was kidnapped at prom? And remember when Mona came back to school after literally psychologically torturing her classmates? And someone put a knife and animal brain in her locker?? Or when Emily cracked her head open running from Toby in Season 1, or when someone wrote "I know who killed Alison" on the wall during Truth Up Day, or when Emily was attacked by A and had to break a window and scale the side of the building? Also...actual predator Ezra Fitz taught there.

    Worst thing that happened there: Caleb being trapped in the school's kiln.

    10. Las Encinas from Elite: 8/10


    There were a LOT of scandals in this school: Students having sex in the showers, people hooking up with their literal half-siblings, students going missing...and let's not forget the whole murder thing! I don't blame the faculty as much as I blame the inspector who kept getting the cases wrong. When Lu said, "I seriously don't know what's going on in this fucking school anymore," I FELT THAT.

    Worst thing that happened there: Polo murdering Marina at the end-of-the-year banquet.

    11. Roundview College from Skins: 4/10

    Effy and Cook having sex in the nurse's office

    Although the Skins kids got into a lot of trouble, most of the rebellious behavior happened outside of school hours. They still had a fair amount of school scandals โ€” Chris sleeping with the psychology teacher, Tony hooking up with Maxxie on the school trip to Russia, everyone smoking and having sex in the school bathrooms. But compared to the others on this list, the actual school itself wasn't too bad.

    Worst thing that happened there: Probably the most scandalous thing was Cook and Effy having sex in the nurse's office on the first day of school.

    12. McKinley High from Glee: 5/10

    all the Glee club kids in sunglasses at school

    Okay, so McKinley didn't have any murders or anything, but the educators were still completely awful. Will Schuester was the actual worst and I cannot believe he was in charge of CHILDREN for so long. Also, anyone remember when his wife was the school nurse and basically drugged all of the Glee club?? Sue was also a bully and openly racist. There were also regularly confrontations in the halls (getting slushied??? Kurt getting bullied?) that teachers did NOT stop.

    Worst thing that happened there: Tough to pick, but I'm gonna have to go with that episode where they all showed up to school hungover, drank Bloody Marys, and then threw up on stage during the school assembly.

    13. Neptune High from Veronica Mars: 9/10

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    Okay, so there was the bus crash, Lilly's murder, the rampant rape culture on campus...yeah, pretty much everything was bad here. A lot of the horrible things didn't directly happen on school grounds, but the whole culture of the school was just toxic. The students literally divided themselves up using a dumb points system, people were fighting in the bathrooms every day, Veronica was solving crimes left and right, someone got arrested every week...this school was madness.

    Worst thing that happened there: Cassidy blowing up the school bus, killing all the students on board.

    14. Baxter High from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: 4/10

    the devil stands behind Sabrina as she lights a match

    Okay, so people at the school don't necessarily know about this, but the school's literally run by Madam Satan and the devil himself has showed up there. Which makes it a little shocking how much safer Baxter High is compared to Riverdale High (which exists in the same universe). Nobody's died there yet that I remember, but I still think it should be shut down.

    Worst thing that happened there: When the Greendale Thirteen attacked, so the Spellmans forced everyone inside the school and tried to protect it with magic.

    15. Constance Billard School for Girls/ St. Judeโ€™s School for Boys from Gossip Girl: 3/10

    Serena and Blair looking at their phones at graduation
    The CW

    Honestly, the actual school itself wasn't that bad compared to all the others on this list. The most dangerous thing that really happened on school grounds was when the students broke into the pool and someone nearly drowned. However, the fact that Gossip Girl blasts happened pretty much every day during school hours was concerning. I mean, I guess the faculty didn't really have control over it, but shouldn't they have at least tried to put a stop to Gossip Girl?

    Worst thing that happened there: I guess the pool thing was pretty bad, but I'm gonna have to go with Gossip Girl sending out a blast during the graduation ceremony. Honorable mention: Dan and the drama teacher having an affair.

    Got any TV schools that didn't make this list? Let us know in the comments!

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