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    20 Tweets That Sum Up Just How Terrible Mr. Schuester Actually Is On "Glee"

    Maybe Sue Sylvester made some points.

    When I first watched Glee, I thought Mr. Schue was the best teacher ever. Now when I rewatch it as an adult, I...have some serious concerns. Here are some tweets that sum up how awful he actually was:


    wanted nothing more than to be a glee club member at mckinley until i rewatched glee and realized will schuester should be in jail


    thank god glee was over before will schuester performed señorita with a student


    71. will schuester - can't rap - best friends with high school students - 🤐 tries to pressure emma - left the glee club to be principal


    If you ever start to miss Glee just imagine Mr. Schue singing "Hotline Bling" and then you'll quickly realize that you're glad it's over.


    oh you watch glee? name every time mr schue should’ve gone to jail


    I feel like we didn't fully digest the weirdness of high school teacher Mr. Schue in Glee asking a student to be his best man


    mr schue when the glee club comes up with a new set list idea vs mr schue when rachel sent someone to a crackhouse


    Why did Mr. Schue perform “Toxic” with those kids smh


    bold of you to assume that it wouldn’t be mr. schue that sings it


    @alisonluffs why were we all okay with the fact that mr schue had no adult friends


    friendly reminder that finn was only in the glee club because mr schue blackmailed him to be in it


    I want a Joker type movie, but about the fucked-up circumstances that led that guy to become Will Schuester


    give will schuester the electric chair


    Nothing kills my sex drive more than Will Schuester rapping in Glee


    glee but every time mr schue says they can only sing journey songs everyone replies with ok boomer


    do u ever just think about how mr schue had to sleep at school when he left terri because he didn’t have any friends to spend the night with


    that one glee scene where mr schue says that everyone is the winner and blaine frustratedly yells WHY DO YOU ALWAYS DO THIS send tweet


    mr. schue: i love all of you equally mercedes: oh yeah? what are our names? mr. schue: well there’s finn and... mr. schue: finn’s jewish girlfriend, finn’s blonde girlfriend, mohawk finn, wheelchair finn, lesbian finn...


    glee: a summary mr schue: *puts on elaborate, full-scale performances at the end of every episode for literally no one but himself* also mr schue: where’s all of our funding???


    cultural impact: █    █  █ █  █  _ unholy trinity anything say a will schuester little prayer did, ever