Mr. Schue From "Glee" Was A Really Problematic Teacher, And Here Are 15 Moments To Prove It

    Remember when he spied on Finn singing in the shower? Same.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most problematic thing Mr. Schue ever did on Glee. Here are the frustrating results.

    1. When Mr. Schue blackmailed Finn into joining the glee club by putting drugs in his locker.

    2. When he encouraged his students to sing and twerk to "Blurred Lines," a song that's full of problematic messages.

    3. When he learned that Rachel had a crush on him and sang "Don't Stand So Close to Me" as a way to reject her, but it backfired because it's notoriously about a teacher liking his student.

    4. When Becky caught him having sex with Emma in the bathroom at McKinley High.

    5. When Mr. Schue dressed up in this racist outfit and sang "La Cucaracha" to his Spanish class.

    6. When he suspended Marley because she refused to wear a provocative outfit for an assignment.

    7. When he insisted that the glee club do a production of Rocky Horror, just so he could get closer to a ~very taken~ Emma in an intimate way at school.

    8. When he creepily spied on Finn singing in the shower in the boys' locker room.

    9. When Mr. Schue had this happy expression on his face once Santana and Mercedes started shaking their butts during their "River Deep, Mountain High" duet.

    10. When he brought in April Rhodes to help the glee club get better, and let her stick around even when he learned that she got Kurt drunk.

    11. When he gave this realllly mindless lesson to his students, thinking it'd actually inspire them to do better.

    12. When Tina got heckled during a performance and he did nothing as a teacher to support or defend her.

    13. When Mr. Schue invited his underage students over to his apartment toward the end of Season 1.

    14. When he manipulated Sue (his COWORKER) into falling in love with him, and said this very creepy thing to her.

    15. And when he joined the glee club during their performance of "Toxic," and crossed all kinds of inappropriate lines with them.