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    17 Instances Of TV Couples Referencing Earlier Moments That Are Just *Chef's Kiss*

    'Tis the season for Easter eggs!

    🚨 Spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

    1. On Gilmore Girls, when Rory picked up the cornstarch and reminded Dean of the box she shoplifted after their first kiss:

    Rory holds up box of corn starch, Dean laughs and says to pay for it this time
    The WB

    2. On Schitt's Creek, when the Jazzagals sang "Simply the Best" at David and Patrick's wedding, calling back to Patrick serenading David with the song in Season 4:

    Patrick serenades David alongside Jazzagals singing the same song at their wedding in Season 6

    3. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when Jake made a familiar joke about Amy's butt being "the bomb" on their wedding anniversary:

    Amy at wedding tells Jake his butt is the bomb, a year later Jake tells Amy her butt is the bomb

    4. On One Tree Hill, when Lucas and Peyton greeted each other after the championship game and called back to their Season 1 banter:

    Season 1: Peyton: "Nice hands," Lucas: "Nice legs," Season 3: Peyton: "Nice shot," Lucas: "Nice legs"
    The WB

    5. Also on One Tree Hill, when Nathan and Haley called back to their "don't say I never gave you anything" catchprase:

    The WB

    6. On New Girl, when Nick sang "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" to cheer Jess up in Season 1 and then the same song played in the background when he proposed to her in Season 7:

    "Dirty Dancing" plays in park while Nick and Jess kiss after she accepts his proposal

    7. On Elite, when Omar and Ander called each other "Andrés and Román," referring back to when they pretended not to know each other at a party to keep their relationship a secret in Season 1:

    Omar and Ander reunite at the end of Season 3

    8. Also on Elite, when Guzmán dropped into Nadia's family's store to "buy asparagus" the way he did in Season 1:

    Season 1: Nadia: "You came all this way to buy asparagus?" Season 3: Guzmán says he came to buy asparagus, Nadia smiles

    9. And on Elite, when Carla asked Samuel if he would bring macaroni when he visited her, referring back to the meal they shared at his apartment in Season 2:

    Samuel: "Can people come visit?" Carla: "That depends, will you bring macaroni?"

    10. On The O.C., when Ryan did an impression of himself, calling back to the first time he and Marissa met:

    Ryan with cigarette in Season 1: "Whoever you want me to be," Ryan with French fry in Season 2: "Whoever you want me to be"

    11. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Eli asked Clare if anyone had ever told her she had pretty eyes, calling back to their first scene together:

    Season 10: "You have pretty eyes," Season 14: "Did anyone ever tell you you have pretty eyes?"

    12. On Degrassi: Next Class, when Maya's last line was to Zig, paralleling his first line to her:

    Zig: "If you could save a life would you?" Maya: "Life isn't a race, you taught me that"
    TeenNick/ Netflix

    13. Also on Degrassi: Next Class, at graduation, when Miles and Maya called back to their relationship from seasons earlier:

    Miles jokes that Maya broke his heart, Maya says maybe he shouldn't have accepted a striptease from Zoë

    14. On Riverdale, when they showed Archie "proposing" to Betty as a little kid, the same story he told at the beginning of Season 1:

    little Archie proposes to Betty just like in Archie's story
    The CW

    15. On Ginny & Georgia, when Ginny and Marcus had this perfect parallel:

    "What are you doing here?" "So this is your room huh?" said by both characters

    16. On Wynonna Earp, when Nicole found the couch she and Waverly shared their first kiss on and proposed to Waverly:

    first kiss alongside Nicole proposing

    17. And finally, on How I Met Your Mother, when Ted showed up to Robin's apartment with the blue French horn in the finale:

    Ted steals blue French horn from restaurant for Robin

    I hate this ending with every fiber of my being, but I couldn't not include it.

    Have you noticed any other TV couple callbacks like this? Tell us in the comments!

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