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    19 Cringey TV Show Sex Scenes That Made Me Go "Yikes"

    Why are you the way that you are?

    🚨Spoilers ahead!🚨

    1. First, when Michael and Jan hooked up on vacation while she was his boss on The Office:

    Michael says officially he didn't see Jan, but he saw her "in their room at night and in the morning"

    2. When Archie and Veronica had shower sex right after his dad was shot on Riverdale.

    Veronica asks Archie if he wants company in the shower, they share a steamy kiss

    3. When Crosby cheated on Jasmine with his nephew Max's behavioral aide on Parenthood:

    Crosby tells Jasmine he slept with someone else

    4. When Polo and Ander hooked up while Guzmán was sleeping right next to them on Elite:

    Ander says it's just "a stroke between friends," he and Polo hook up with Guzmán sleeping to their left

    5. When Ben and Adrian had sex in his car to get back at Ricky and Amy for kissing on The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

    Adrian: "Could you use some company?" Ben: "You know, I could"

    6. When Ross immediately hooked up with someone else while he and Rachel were "on a break" on Friends:

    Ross: "It was a mistake" Rachel: "A mistake? What were you trying to put it in, her purse?"

    7. When Ryan hooked up with Kelly the day before Valentine's Day on The Office:

    Kelly calls Ryan her boyfriend, he says in horror to the camera, "I hooked up with her on February 13th"

    8. When Annie slept with Liam while she was still dating his brother on 90210:

    Charlie texts Annie asking how Liam is, she rolls over and goes back to cuddling with Liam in bed after they had sex

    9. When Alexis and Mutt hooked up right after Ted proposed to her on Schitt's Creek:

    Alexis and Mutt kissing

    10. When Lucas had a one-night stand with Nicki, the mother of his friend Jake's baby, on a carousel at the mall on One Tree Hill:

    Nicki takes her top off and kisses Lucas on the carousel

    11. When Veronica hooked up with Reggie to deal with the news of her parents' divorce on Riverdale:

    Reggie says maybe he and Veronica are "endgame," she kisses him

    12. When Julie slept with her daughter's ex-boyfriend Luke (who was in high school!) on The O.C.:

    Seth and Ryan spot Luke and Julie hooking up at the motel

    13. When Rory and Dean slept together while he was married on Gilmore Girls:

    Rory says she can't believe this is happening, she and Dean kiss

    14. When Omar cheated on Ander (who was going through chemotherapy) with his sister's boyfriend on Elite:

    Omar asks Malick if he wants to hook up, says Ander isn't there

    15. When Zig and Maya decided to take Molly and have sex for the first time on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Zig: "Wait, just so I'm clear you're saying-" Maya: "Which room is yours?"

    16. When Dan and his girlfriend had a threesome with his best friend Vanessa, who was also his girlfriend's roommate:

    Dan leans in to kiss Vanessa in front of his girlfriend

    17. When Meredith and George hooked up while they were roommates on Grey's Anatomy:

    Meredith and George sleep together

    18. When Miles slept with Tristan even though Tristan had just called him a "man whore" on Degrassi: Next Class:

    Miles says sex is no big deal, Tristan responds, "Yeah maybe for a man whore," in a later scene Miles says "The list of people that I've been in love with is a lot shorter" and Tristan says he loves him too, they have sex

    19. And finally, when Schmidt ended up in the hospital with a broken penis after hooking up with Nadia on New Girl:

    Schmidt tells Cece things got "out of control with Nadia last night"