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    19 Times Teen Shows Roasted Their Own Couples

    I love a good roast for dinner.

    One of my favorite things about teen dramas is how utterly ridiculous the romances can get.

    Nathan and Haley tell Lucas they got married
    The WB

    I absolutely LOVE Naley, but let's be real — who lets their 16-year-old get married??!

    Sometimes, even when we love a TV couple, they just need to be humbled a ~little~ bit.

    The CW

    Let's face it, some ships are also just the literal worst.

    Here are 19 times teen shows roasted their own couples:

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, on Riverdale, when Jughead overheard Archie and Veronica hooking up and said what we were all thinking:

    Jughead: "Is that their response to everything? Can't they ever just have like a conversation?"
    The CW

    2. And when Veronica came right back at Betty and Jughead later in that episode of Riverdale:

    Veronica: "I'm sorry we don't spend all our time being tragic and moping and holding hands while watching serial killer documentaries"
    The CW

    3. On The O.C., when Summer made some points about Ryan and Marissa's dramatic relationship:

    Summer: "Ryan and Marissa separate, both great people that I love, together, disaster"

    Look, I love Ryan and Marissa, but the girl wasn't wrong.

    4. On Ginny & Georgia, when Marcus made this very appropriate face in reaction to Hunter's song about Ginny:


    I think that was all of us at this song.

    5. On Pretty Little Liars, when Maya said what needed to be said about Paige and Emily's relationship:

    Maya: "she shoved your head underwater and you still dated her?"

    Emily, please raise your standards. Also, Emaya deserved better!

    6. On Glee, when Rachel rudely, but accurately, summed up Sam and Quinn:

    Rachel calls Sam and Quinn "Ken and Barbie"

    7. On Gossip Girl, when Blair made her feelings about Dan and Serena's relationship very clear:

    The CW

    This is also how I feel about Dan and Serena together.

    8. Also on Gossip Girl, when Chuck roasted Nate and Serena's very big problems:

    The CW

    9. When Angel was absolutely NOT a Buffy and Riley shipper on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Angel says he doesn't like Riley
    The WB


    10. On Gilmore Girls, when Lorelai was not exactly #TeamJess:

    Lorelai: "I think Rory's 17 and it's about time for a Jess"
    The WB

    Yet Lorelai looooved Dean? Make it make sense.

    11. On Legacies, when Josie rightfully came for Landon and his relationship with Hope:

    Landon: "The show is about never giving up on love no matter what" Josie: "You gave up on Hope like twice"
    The CW

    Drag the boy, Josie!!!

    12. On Degrassi: The Next Generation, when Alli and Jenna enjoyed some gossip about Eli and Clare's latest breakup:

    Alli and Jenna mocking Eli's "I need space"

    Tag yourself, I'm Conner.

    13. On Degrassi: Next Class, when not even the characters shipped Miles and Tristan:

    Miles: "Tristan and I had a nice talk," Zoë: "Ew"

    They're right and they should say it.

    14. On One Tree Hill, when Haley didn't exactly give Brooke and Lucas her ringing endorsement:

    Haley says she doesn't see Lucas and Brooke being an epic romance
    The WB

    15. And when Haley also roasted Lucas' entire love life on One Tree Hill:

    Haley calls Brooke Peyton and Lindsey "the trifecta"
    The WB

    16. On Skins, when Cassie revealed that Sid and Michelle were hooking up in the most petty way possible:

    Cassie asks Sid and Michelle if they hooked up by Tony's hospital bed, says, "Lovely Sid and lovely Michelle are fucking"

    17. And when Tony shared similar lovely feelings about Sid and Michelle's romance on Skins:

    Tony sarcastically compares Sid and Michelle to the greatest couples in the world including Bert and Ernie

    18. On Euphoria, when Cassie and Lexi made some points about Rue and Jules' complicated romance:

    Cassie says love is super dark and Lexi says maybe that's just Rue and Jules' love

    I do love me some #Rules, though.

    19. And finally, on 13 Reasons Why, when Clay roasted his own sad love life:

    Clay says he's never felt that kind of love, Ani stares at him awkwardly

    Sorry Ani, but at least he's self-aware.

    Got any other examples? Tell us in the comments!

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