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    16 Times Teen Dramas Did LGBTQ Couples Dirty

    Clexa deserved better!

    No relationship is perfect, even on TV. And this is especially true with teen dramas, since the characters are still growing up and figuring themselves out.

    "Degrassi" Alex to Paige: "Because I love you, you idiot, so much it scares the crap out of me"

    I'm all for angst and conflict. But sometimes teen dramas just plain do a couple dirty. In particular, a lot of LGBTQ TV couples get terrible storylines and unhappy endings.

    Having more LGBTQ representation on TV is great, but sadly, it's not always done right. So, here are 16 times teen dramas ruined LGBTQ ships for literally no reason:

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. First, when Omar cheated on Ander while he was going through chemotherapy on Elite.

    2. When Zoe and Grace slept together after building up their relationship for a whole season, only for Grace to suddenly tell Zoe she wasn't gay on Degrassi: Next Class.

    3. When Alex and Marissa's relationship was cut unfairly short and then never mentioned again on The O.C.

    4. When Eric chose Adam over Rahim despite Adam bullying him on Sex Education.

    5. When Lexa was shockingly killed for absolutely no reason on The 100.

    6. When Emily and Alison got divorced on The Perfectionists even though they were ENDGAME on Pretty Little Liars, thank you very much!

    Emily and Alison with their twin daughters

    7. When Teddy found out his boyfriend Ian was the one threatening to out him on 90210.

    8. When Naomi was diagnosed with terminal cancer, thus destroying her and Emily's relationship on Skins Fire.

    9. When Blaine cheated on Kurt on Glee.

    10. When Willow used her powers to alter Tara's memory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    11. When Emily's girlfriend Maya was murdered on Pretty Little Liars.

    12. When Moose left town right after he and Kevin were finally able to be together on Riverdale.

    13. When Tristan invalidated Miles' bisexuality in front of the entire school and never apologized on Degrassi: Next Class.

    Tristan about Miles: "you can't even decide if you like boys or girls"

    14. When Jules left Rue at the train station in the middle of the night on Euphoria.

    Jules kisses Rue's hand as she gets on the train

    15. When Imogen tried to sabotage Fiona's internship interview because she didn't want her to move away, and they broke up shortly after on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

    Fiona and Imogen's last kiss at graduation

    16. And finally, when Ethan left Beacon Hills, ending his and Danny's relationship for good on Teen Wolf.

    Got any other LGBTQ couples teen dramas should have done better? Tell us in the comments!