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    Everyone Is Crying Over Omar And Ander From "Elite," And Here's Why

    I am so not okay!

    🚨Warning: MAJOR Season 3 Spoilers ahead!!!🚨

    If you're here, I'm assuming you've already binged Season 3 of Elite on Netflix. And if you're anything like me, you probably cried β€” a LOT.


    While this season was filled with lots of heart-wrenching moments, the storyline that broke my heart the most was Omar and Ander's relationship.


    I've been super invested in Omar and Ander's relationship since Season 1. Even though they've had their share of problems, they've remained one of the strongest couples on the show. After a rocky Season 2, I was looking forward to seeing them finally get to be happy this season!


    Except that's not what we got at all. Instead, we got a devastating storyline β€” Ander is diagnosed with leukemia.


    Fans began speculating that Ander might be sick this season when his actor ArΓ³n Piper shaved his head during filming. But I was really, really hoping we were wrong.

    Ander believes he only has a few months left to live, and he starts to push Omar away.

    Netflix / Via omarshanaa / Tumblr

    Then, in the midst of all this, Omar starts cheating on Ander...with his sister's boyfriend.


    Ander finds out about Omar's affair and breaks up with him. However, Ander doesn't confront him about the cheating. Instead, he lies and tells Omar that he's been cheating on him.

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    If the writers are trying to kill me, it's working.

    Eventually, Omar realizes he only wants to be with Ander. Ander tells him he's in remission, and they get back together.


    Okay, so technically they get their happily ever after. But I'm still not happy, TBH. For one, the writers put Omar and Ander through WAY too much. πŸ˜•


    They already went through a lot last season, and I thought they had gotten past most of their issues. Throwing cancer and cheating in this season was too much.

    Omar cheating on Ander also feels super out of character for him.


    Ander wasn't a perfect boyfriend by any means. He did technically cheat on Omar last season when he hooked up with Polo, but they were also kind of on a break at the time β€” and at least it was only once, and he told Omar about it right away. Omar had a full-on affair with Malick, and it was honestly really disappointing.

    And they never even address the cheating! Ander never confronts him, Omar never admits to the affair...they just get back together, and everything is forgiven.


    I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Omander, but I can't help but feel disappointed with their storyline this season. And I'm not the only one upset:

    to whoever thought and wrote the storyline for omander #elitenetflix #elite3

    they gave us this only to serve the ugliest cheating scenario

    Can we talk about how Omar actually CHEATED on Ander and he never came clean about it. Instead be got angry at ander for LYINGG about cheating on him?!?!?!? #Elite3

    Omander may have gotten their endgame, but they still deserved better this season. And that's the tea!