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    This Theory About Ander And Omar On "Elite" Has Fans Worried

    Please don't let this be Skins' "Fire" all over again.

    🚨Elite spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

    So, Netflix's Elite is returning for its third season in March!


    I'm super excited to see my favorite characters return (especially since it's apparently the original cast's last season). But there's one thing I'm really worried about: the fate of Omar and Ander's relationship.


    Personally, I love Omar and Ander together! I think they've got amazing chemistry and I'm super invested in their story.

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    Season 2 was admittedly pretty rocky for these two. Ander was wrestling with the guilt of knowing Polo killed Marina, and hiding this secret put a pretty big strain on the relationship. And TBH, Ander wasn't always the greatest boyfriend.


    Things seemed to be looking up for these two in the Season 2 finale, when Ander finally told Omar everything and they made up, though! Yay!

    Netflix there's a rumor throughout the Elite fandom that Ander is going to have cancer next season and possibly even die. And, um, I AM NOT ON BOARD WITH THIS.

    me getting excited over the fact elite is coming in 3 months // me remembering ander will be probably sick


    why’s the tl saying elite got renewed for seasons 4 & 5 i thought season 3 was gonna be the last.... SO YOU’RE TELLING ME ANDER’S GONNA DIE AND THEN THEY’RE GONNA MAKE ME SIT THROUGH TWO MORE SEASONS BYYYYEEEE I’M OUT

    I want to know if the elite writers are aware of the mental damage they will cause if ander or omar die

    Now, there's no confirmation that this theory is actually true. It might be totally fake! But this comment from Netflix's Instagram page REALLY worries me:

    “omander is back” “yes and many surprises are coming” HOLY SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEET SKCKSKDMSMDM

    "And many surprises are coming"....I don't like this. I don't like this at all.

    Arón Piper, who plays Ander, also shaved his head right around when Season 3 was filming, further adding fuel to the theory that Ander will get sick.

    It's also worrying that Ander passed out and hit his head in the Season 2 finale. Did he just drink too much or was this foreshadowing something more serious?


    And then there's the fact that Guzman said THIS to Ander....


    Ugh, PLEASE let this just be dramatic dialogue and not some awful foreshadowing!!!

    This really worries me. For one, way too many LGBT characters are killed off. It's so common that there's even a trope called "bury your gays." We've seen this in Skins, The 100, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and lots of other shows.


    Even if Ander doesn't die, I feel like there are better storylines they could give Omar and Ander than one of them becoming terminally ill. They've already been through SO much together.


    And I really just want them to finally get to be happy.

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    Please give Omar and Ander the happy ending they deserve, Elite!!!