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    The New Season Of "Elite" Is Coming Way Sooner Than Everyone Thought And OMG

    They better keep Omar and Ander safe!!

    🚨Warning: spoilers ahead!!! 🚨

    Let's cut right to the chase: Netflix's Elite is returning for its third season!!! And it's WAY sooner than everyone expected.

    Yup, the Spanish thriller is coming back in March! Considering how long we had to wait between seasons 1 and 2, I'm pleasantly surprised we're getting this season so early.


    Season 2 left off with Polo finally getting arrested for Marina's murder...but then returning to school because the cops didn't have enough evidence to hold him (thanks for hiding the murder weapon, Cayetana).


    Naturally, fans are freaking out about the season announcement — and very concerned about the fate of their ships:

    Season 3 is gonna be fucking insane... I just know it. #EliteNetflix

    So the news of ELITE3 just made me reminisce about them uff this is not good #EliteNetflix

    @EliteNetflix Ready to collect my Carmuel endgame

    #EliteNetflix serving us a season 3-course buffet in march while you gurls wait a year or more for your fave shows to release crumbs? can't relate.

    Also more importantly Omander better be happily in love.

    I can't wait!!!


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