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    19 Teen Drama Couples That Could Have Been Amazing, But Never Happened

    "But it would've been fun if you would've been the one..."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community which teen drama couples should have happened, but never did. Here are some of the pairings they wanted to see:

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. Derek and Stiles from Teen Wolf

    Derek pins Stiles against a wall

    "There was so much sexual tension between them."


    2. Clay and Sheri from 13 Reasons Why

    Clay and Sheri about to kiss on his bed in Season 1

    "They made out once, but that was it. They had great chemistry and I really wanted them to end up together."


    3. Caroline and Klaus from The Vampire Diaries

    Klaus: "He's your first love, I intend to be your last"
    The CW

    "Klaus declared he would be Caroline's last love and then the writers did us dirty by having him sacrifice himself. I just wanted a happy ending."


    4. Nate and Chuck from Gossip Girl

    Chuck says he cares about three things: money, the pleasures money brings him, and Nate
    The CW

    "It would have been such a hot whirlwind and would’ve likely only lasted three days before Chuck went back to Blair, but still they had the best chemistry."


    5. Quinn and Rachel from Glee

    Quinn says they never would have been friends if they hadn't changed, Rachel says it still feels weird to have Quinn call her a friend

    "Quinn would have been able to knock Rachel down a peg, while Rachel could have encouraged Quinn to tap into her potential more."


    6. Frankie and Esme from Degrassi: Next Class


    "Their relationship should have been explored more away from Zig. They were adorable together, I feel like it would have happened if the show hadn’t been canceled."


    7. Theo and Liam from Teen Wolf

    Theo saves Liam in the finale by taking the bait

    "Liam was a huge part of Theo's redemption story, and the entire elevator scene in the final episode felt like it was building to a big kiss. They had so much chemistry and I always wished the show had gone there with them."


    8. Rory and Paris from Gilmore Girls

    Paris and Rory laugh about how much they used to hate each other and hug at high school graduation
    The WB

    "I can’t tell you how frustrating it is watching people debate over which of Rory’s boyfriends was best while I’m silently screaming ‘NONE OF THEM, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PARIS!’ They could have been such an epic enemies-to-friends-to-lovers slow burn, and the fact their potential was never explored keeps me up at night."


    9. Lindsay and Daniel from Freaks and Geeks


    "The show wasn't given the chance it deserved. I feel like having Lindsay and Daniel going from being friends to dating would have played out really well."


    10. Aria and Jason from Pretty Little Liars

    Aria and Jason kiss in Season 7

    "There was so much chemistry between them and they seemed to really bring out the best in each other. A brief flashback of their fling really wasn't a fair shot at an actual onscreen relationship. I think if they had been given a real chance, fans would have forgotten all about Ezra and the romanticized student/teacher thing."


    11. Alex and Zach from 13 Reasons Why

    Alex reminds Zach of the night he saved him from falling off the roof and they joke about their kiss

    There was so, so much buildup between them and I was so excited when they kissed. While I liked Alex and Charlie's relationship too, Zach and Alex would have been unstoppable together.

    12. Spinner and Terri from Degrassi: The Next Generation


    "They were so cute! Spinner would have treated her right."


    13. Clarke and Bellamy from The 100

    The CW

    "I loved their romantic relationship in the books. Their friendship is incredible on the show, but there's always been an unspoken chemistry between them."


    14. Alex and Maria from Roswell

    The WB

    "They were best friends and had similar interests. Their respective partners treated them like trash."


    15. Miles and Lola from Degrassi: Next Class


    "I know they hooked up, but they should have been an actual couple."


    16. Murphy and Raven from The 100

    The CW

    "Murphy and Raven fit each other perfectly. Raven needs a boyfriend who won't leave and Murphy needs someone to love him despite all the messed up stuff he’s done. Raven forgives him and accepts him even though he's hurt her the most."


    17. Livvie and Alex from Runaways


    "Livvie was one of the best secondary characters and deserved more development. She didn't treat Alex like the odd one out and really grounded him."


    18. Carla and Rebeca from Elite

    Rebeca tells Ander Carla turns her on

    I loved the reveal that Rebeca had a crush on Carla. They could have been such a power couple and I'm disappointed that they never explored their potential.

    19. And finally, Kelso and Fez from That '70s Show

    Kelso and Fez make kissing faces at each other

    "They were so obviously hooking up in secret. There was a whole episode when they 'broke up' and stopped being friends, but it played out like a romantic breakup. They even ended up living together in the later seasons."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all entries were from Community users.

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