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Which Teen Drama Couples Should Have Happened, But Didn't?

We were robbed of so many good pairings!

There are so many great teen drama couples on TV.

And sometimes, there are two characters who you know would be perfect together if the show would give them a chance.

Frankie and Esme on "Degrassi: Next Class"

So, we want to know: Which teen drama couples did you want to happen, but they never did?

Maybe you wanted to see Lucas and Haley date because you loved their chemistry and close friendship on One Tree Hill.

Lucas and Haley walking the school hallway together

Maybe you were rooting for Zach and Alex on 13 Reasons Why and were really bummed their bromance never became an actual romance.

Alex kisses Zach

Maybe you thought Santana and Quinn's personalities meshed together really well and wanted to see their hookup turn into an actual relationship on Glee.

Santana and Quinn drinking together

We want to know which teen drama characters you wanted to see date (and why) in the comments below! Your response could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.