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IDK About You, But I'm Still Screaming About Sophie Sanchez From "Ginny & Georgia"

I wanna talk about Sophie 100% of the time!

If you've seen Ginny & Georgia, you know that there are lots of great characters to fall in love with.

Marcus Ginny and Max walking the halls together

I've already written love letters (I mean, articles) about Max and her relationship with Sophie. However, I think it's time I finally show my appreciation for the queen herself: Ms. Sophie Sanchez. I'm still super obsessed with her character, and I just need to yell about her for a sec.

Sophie smiling

First off, let's just take a second to appreciate Sophie's iconic entrance on the show and Max's very relatable reaction to being graced by her presence:

Sophie walks into the bathroom looking perfect Max makes a face in awe

Sophie is like, the girl at Wellsbury High (or, as Max puts it, "she's done cocaine and she's got the best ass in the senior class"). She's definitely an "It Girl," but she's also got this low-key mysterious vibe going for her — and, um, it's kind of everything.

Sophie to Max: "Maybe next time you just need to kiss someone that wants to kiss you back"

As a massive teen drama fan, I'm used to seeing the characters all fall in love with the school football star or bad boy. Although I love me some Nathan Scott and Liam Court (and yes, Marcus Baker too), it was refreshing to see Ginny & Georgia explore this trope through a W|W lens for a change. We get to see Max pine after Sophie like any smitten teenager with a crush, and it's really great.

Max: "I wanna talk about Sophie 100% of the time!"

Also, Sophie is just a really good girlfriend to Max. Their relationship just feels so natural and adorable.

Sophie says they can just chill, she's not going anywhere

Now, obviously Sophie can't literally be a perfect character. She has her own unresolved issues and feelings of insecurity, which ultimately leads to her and Max's breakup (booooo). If anything, though, this just makes Sophie's character more compelling to me.

Sophie tells Max she feels like a loner a lot of the time or like her friends don't really know her, says being with Max feels like a vacation from all that

Anyway, despite the Sophine breakup, I am 1,000% in love with Sophie. I just found her character so compelling — she really drew me in in a way that a teen drama love interest hasn't in quite a while. I'm also always stoked to see more bisexual rep on TV!

@kmartts From what the show says, I think she’s definitely a bi queen ❤️

Twitter: @HumberlyG

I am just...utterly obsessed. And yes, I WILL be completely devastated if she's not back next season.

In conclusion:

‘people are allowed to dislike things’ WRONG no one is allowed to dislike sophie sanchez!

Twitter: @lolasdandelions

Sophie Sanchez for lifeeeee!!!

Kirby meme pointing to "you're a beautiful person inside and out"

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