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    17 Moments That Prove Maxine Baker From "Ginny & Georgia" Is An Absolute Gem

    Sara Waisglass said, "I am gonna give the gays everything they want."

    There are lots of great characters on Ginny & Georgia.

    But my favorite character, hands down, is Maxine Baker, aka Max!!!

    Here are some of the best Max moments of Season 1:

    WARNING: Spoilers ahead!!!

    1. First, when she made her iconic entrance:

    Max raises her hand to say she's "super concerned about her subconscious digestion of the superiority of the white male perspective," then asks to go to the nurse for cramps

    2. When she had this very relatable response to straight people:

    3. When she didn't hesitate to show her crush on Georgia:

    Ginny tells her mom nobody likes her, Max says, "I like you"

    4. When she wasn't afraid to be herself:

    Ginny quietly says, "aren't you gay?" Max yells, "You can say it, gay!"

    5. When she knew how to celebrate a win:

    Max singing, "I got the lead" and dancing in the halls

    6. When she eloquently described the goddess that is Sophie Sanchez:

    Max: "Sophie Sanchez is so hot, her ass belongs in the Louvre"

    7. When she made herself useful:

    8. When she REALLY wasn't afraid to show her crush on Georgia...AGAIN:

    Max says her crush on Georgia grows every day

    9. When she had TWO iconic Britney Spears costumes for Halloween, because one look simply wasn't enough:

    10. When she was a little too relatable:

    Max enthusiastically drinks both shots after Sophie says she's not having any

    11. When she just wanted to make her feelings for Sophie super clear:

    Sophie: "In the past three hours you have texted me DM'ed me Snapchatted me and you just requested $500 on Venmo," Max: "I''m funny"

    12. When she was a little confused, but had the spirit:

    Max makes a sex playlist of 86 songs

    13. When she was Ginny's number one supporter:

    Max stands up and leads the class in applause after Ginny's poem

    14. When she couldn't quite read the room:

    Abby and Ginny are ranting about their family problems and fighting, Max adds that she had sex

    15. When she was simply correct about everything:

    Max says she blames toxic masculinity

    16. When she sent the voicemail to end all voicemails:

    Max calls Sophie and says the text from two days ago where she said she'll always care about her is "reading a bit flat" now, calls her fish food

    17. And finally, when she was the only Velma Kelly the world would ever need:

    Max performing in the lead musical in cabaret wig and fur coat