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    Ruby And Otis Deserved Better On "Sex Education," And Here Are 14 Tweets To Prove It

    Give them back!

    After many long months of anticipation, Season 3 of Sex Education has finally arrived on Netflix!

    There's SO much to love about this season: amazing therapy sessions between Aimee and Jean, Eric and Otis's friendship, Maeve in general, and Adam's poem. 😢

    Can't get through the day without thinking about Adam's poem in Season 3 of Sex Education

    Twitter: @netflix

    Another thing people are loving about this season? OTIS AND RUBY.

    I think it's pretty safe to say that fans really fell in love with the unexpected pairing this season. In fact, lots of people have even pivoted from #TeamMaeveAndOtis to #TeamRubyAndOtis.

    meme of Ruby and Otis being superior to Maeve and Otis

    Here are some of the best tweets about Ruby and Otis:

    Warning: Spoilers ahead!!!


    Sorry to say but Otis and Maeve ship is outdated now ,we want Otis and Ruby back together in season 4 please. #SexEducation

    Twitter: @rodoman1507


    From "I'll destroy your life" to "I love you". Their chemistry was so good Maeve got left behind so fast. We get to see who Ruby really is behind that bossy and terrifying personality and what she felt for Otis was real. Hoping they get back together in S4. #SexEducation

    Twitter: @pazireigel


    Real maturity is realizing that Otis should’ve picked Ruby instead of Maeve

    Twitter: @Scumtk


    they really gave us isaac and maeve, otis and ruby, adam and eric, maeve and otis all in one season yet managed to ruin them all? #SexEducation

    Twitter: @rodoman1507


    #sexeducation writers spending 3 seasons to build up Otis and Maeve just to see that now everyone wants Otis and Ruby

    Twitter: @damnitsyodaddy


    ruby went against all her morals for otis. showed him her vulnerability and love because she wanted to keep him ... yet all she got was a "that's nice" my girl deserved better 😭😭😭💔💔💔 #SexEducation @mimikeene3

    Twitter: @rodoman1507


    Sex Education writers: Otis and Ruby were kind of cute in S2. We’ll have them date a bit just to extended keeping Otis and Maeve apart but I doubt anyone will take it seriously The Fans: RUBY AND OTIS ARE MY BELOVEDS AND DESERVE ENDGAME #SexEducation

    Twitter: @_samepaige_


    I feel like Sex Education fans shipping Otis and Ruby so hard was like me shipping Elena and Damon from The Vampire Diaries 10 years ago. And to think they outsold the main ship tells you how much impact fans have on their programs. #sexeducation

    Twitter: @Randomly_RJ


    Stop trying to make Otis and Maeve happen! It’s not going to happen. We are so tired pls. JUSTICE 4 RUBY AND OTIS

    Twitter: @y3llowprophet


    shout out to my ruby and otis shippers. gotta be the ones to always like second (better) options way more #SexEducation

    Twitter: @dollenii


    otis’ first time was with ruby, ruby’s first time falling in love was with otis, otis first time being carefree and not uptight was with ruby, ruby’s first time letting her guard down and sharing her family was with otis

    Twitter: @_amenoacid


    Society if the sex education writers make Ruby and Otis endgame and put Maeve with Amie

    Twitter: @LostAsfMoo


    Even Maeve said that Ruby and Otis looked quite perfect for eachother and you’re expecting me not to ship Rotis? There’s no turning back now!

    Twitter: @_samucarla_


    “but it would’ve been fun… if you would’ve been the one”

    Twitter: @noproofnotmuch

    Do you want Otis and Ruby to get back together? Or are you still Maeve and Otis all the way? Let us know in the comments!

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