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    17 Maeve Wiley Moments From "Sex Education" That Prove She's The GOAT Of "Complex Female Characters"

    "Gotta go, cocks to bite."

    Warning: This post contains mention of sexual assault.

    I feel very strongly that Sex Education is one of the best shows on television.

    Not only is the cinematography, casting, and dialogue all spot on, but the character development and complex arcs of every single character are phenomenal. The show also manages to touch on extremely sensitive issues in a very careful yet informative way.

    Jean having a deep talk with Otis

    One of my personal favorites is Maeve Wiley. Maeve has one of the most tragically beautiful storylines on the show and has grown so much each season.

    Here are 17 of Maeve's best moments from all three seasons. 🚨 Warning: Spoilers ahead!!🚨

    1. When Jackson tried to come for her and she OWNED him.

    2. When she reminded us all she's not like other girls, but in a comedically charming way.

    3. When she stood up for Ruby by explaining to Otis how detrimental rumors can be to someone's life.

    4. And when she was determined to figure out who leaked Ruby's nude photos by confronting everyone in school, and then ultimately figured out who the culprit was herself.

    5. When she trolled the haters in their own game and uttered one of the greatest lines on the show.

    6. When she lied about having forgotten to do her essay on where she'll be in 10 years because she was too embarrassed to read it out loud.

    7. When she instilled fear into Otis and Eric with just a look.

    8. When she explained to Aimee the importance of reporting her sexual assault and then used her birthday as a gentle way to coax her into going to the police.

    9. And then stayed with her the entire time.

    10. When she got Otis to get his act together.

    11. When she befriended a woman at the abortion clinic and then offered her the last chocolate pudding, even though she was planning to eat it herself.

    12. And also when she holds hands with the other women there.

    13. When she called out the new "sex ed" course for being exactly what it was: outdated, sexist, and uninformative.

    14. When she organized all of her friends to sit with Aimee on the bus and help Aimee deal with her trauma.

    15. When she called social services on her own mother to protect her little sister.

    16. When she perfectly articulated her reasoning why she deserves to have an education and remain at school.

    17. And finally, when she showed this ass flap what happens when you objectify women.

    What are your favorite Maeve moments? Let us know in the comments below what we missed!