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    19 Teen Drama Moments That Were Supposed To Be Cute But Ended Up Just Being Awkward To Watch

    Joey and Dawson nuzzling noses in the rain will never not be awful.

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    There are some teen drama moments that never fail to make us swoon.


    There are other moments, however, that are supposed to be romantic but end up falling flat for one reason or another. Maybe it doesn't work because there's no chemistry between the characters, the circumstances aren't right, or something just feels off.

    "Spongebob" meme: fish eating a burger, captioned "there's really no flavor to this"

    Here are 19 teen drama moments that were supposed to be romantic but actually kind of flopped:

    1. First, when Blair and Nate kissed in the snow and they got back together on Gossip Girl:

    The CW

    It's not a bad moment per se, but we all knew they weren't meant to be.

    2. When Veronica and Archie hooked up in the shower right after his dad was shot on Riverdale:

    The CW

    Timing is a thing, guys.

    3. When Peyton and Lucas literally made out in the middle of class on One Tree Hill:

    Lucas tells Peyton she looks amazing and that he can't wait to kiss her perfect lips, Peyton leans over and kisses him in the middle of class
    The WB

    Imagine trying to take lecture notes and some couple just starts declaring their love for each other.

    4. When Miles ditched prom to go be with Tristan at the hospital even though they had already broken up on Degrassi: Next Class:

    Miles tells Tristan it didn't feel right being at prom without him

    I get that the writers wanted them to have closure or whatever, but this was overkill, especially considering how toxic their relationship actually was. Miles should have just enjoyed prom with his friends!

    5. When Landon told Hope he loved her even when he couldn't remember her, even though he was literally just dating her friend Josie on Legacies:

    The CW

    This statement might have held weight if he hadn't literally been about to have sex with Josie five minutes earlier.

    6. When Dean built Rory a car for their three-month anniversary on Gilmore Girls:

    The WB

    Can we all agree that this was a little over the top?

    7. When Winston imagined dancing with Monty's ghost at prom and it was honestly just kind of creepy, on 13 Reasons Why:


    Stop trying to make a Monty redemption happen!! It's not going to happen!

    8. When Joey and Dawson rested their heads on each other's shoulder on Dawson's Creek:

    The WB

    Dawson and Joey reunite in the rain while "Kiss the Rain" plays and they...don't kiss? The above photos do not even adequately capture how awkward and drawn out this moment was.

    9. When Bonnie told Jeremy she didn’t see him as a kid anymore on The Vampire Diaries:

    Bonnie says Jeremy's Elena's little brother and she remembers him growing up, but now he's this hot, sweet guy. Then Jeremy says "You think I'm hot?" and they kiss
    The CW

    This was so awkward. Also, the second Bonnie said that Jeremy was hot, Jeremy was like, "Time to make out!" which is such a teenage-boy move that I'm shocked Bonnie didn't immediately decide he was too young for her.

    10. When Aria unzipped her jacket to surreptitiously ask Ezra on a date in the middle of a makeup test on Pretty Little Liars:

    Aria unzips her jacket in class to reveal that she's wearing a tie with the note "wear me" on it, then gives Ezra her notebook with a ticket to an art gallery event the next night

    I hate everything about this relationship. But this scene is particularly bad because it's framed as cute and sweet, when it just seems to highlight how young and immature Aria is, and how much Ezra should NOT be dating her.

    11. When Ryan brought a passed-out-drunk Marissa to his pool house to sleep on The O.C.:


    Don't get me wrong — this was absolutely the right thing to do (although honestly, he probably should've taken her to the hospital). But framing it with romantic music was so weird, as if basically making sure a stranger didn't die wasn't just the right thing for Ryan to do.

    12. When Serena told Dan she loved him at Blair's wedding on Gossip Girl:

    Serena saying, "Nate was right about grand gestures. We all need to make them in our lives. So here's mine. I love you, Dan Humphrey. Always have, always will"
    The CW

    Serena, this is not a grand gesture. This is just...admitting your feelings. Also, Dan and Serena were the worst and did not need to be brought back. Serena, you can do better.

    13. When Elena fed Stefan her blood on The Vampire Diaries:

    The CW

    Stefan decided to drink a few drops of human blood a day to get stronger, and Elena cut herself and offered him hers, promising that they'd do this together. This romantic music played and then they made out and it was just super weird.

    14. When Lucas called Peyton from the airport and asked her to marry him in Vegas on One Tree Hill:

    Lucas calling Peyton and asking her to come to the airport so they can get married in Vegas, then Peyton arriving at the airport and saying, "You're a mess, Lucas Scott. But you're my mess. And I love you"
    The CW

    He literally decided right before he called her, after being super mean to her for months. Nothing about this was romantic.

    15. When Zig gave Maya a bracelet and said that maybe it was time she gave him a chance while her boyfriend Miles awkwardly watched in the background on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

    Zig tells Maya: "maybe it's time you gave us a chance" and leans in to kiss her while her boyfriend secretly watches, she's clearly not into it

    Look, I can admit that Zig and Maya had some chemistry later on in the series, but this was just creepy and possessive. She doesn't want to be with you, Zig — just accept it! Miles lurking in the background makes it all the more cringey.

    16. When Omar decided not to go to New York at the last minute and ran to tell Ander that he still loved him on Elite:

    Omar says he loves Ander and won't leave no matter how much he pushes him away

    Don't get me wrong — I LOVE Omar and Ander — but it really bugs me that they never resolved the cheating issue. It's great that Omar realized he wanted to be with Ander, but he should have told him the truth about Malik.

    17. When Angel gave Buffy a claddagh ring on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

    Angel telling Buffy, "Wear it with the heart pointing towards you. It means you belong to somebody. Like this"
    The WB

    Look, I love Angel and Buffy and this episode. But the ring felt sort of random and then Buffy, kissed it on his hand?? It just felt weird to me.

    18. When Winston told Alex he wasn't going to turn him in for Bryce's murder because, while he loved Monty, he loved Alex, too...even though Winston had only been involved with either boy for like five minutes, on 13 Reasons Why:

    Winston to Alex: "I loved Monty, I knew him somehow, I swear I did, but I loved you too"

    Okay, aside from the fact that Monty was horrible, why did Winston claim to be in love with every guy he made eye contact with?

    19. And finally, when everyone shared these super-dramatic, slow-motion kisses on the beach on Degrassi: The Next Generation:


    The Tristan-Miles kiss was just a figment of Tristan's imagination — which makes it WEIRDER, tbh. The Grace-Zoe kiss would have been cute if the writers hadn't completely destroyed them a few episodes later.

    Got any teen drama moments that didn't make this list? Tell us in the comments!

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