I Wrote Eight “Riverdale” Plots As “Am I The Asshole?” Reddit Posts

    "I sent my teenage daughter's boyfriend to prison because he makes me feel insecure. AITA?"

    You may have heard of a little TV series called Riverdale. It's a totally normal show that involves the highs and lows of high school football, cult leaders with rockets, bear attacks, and murder.

    Archie and Mad Dog in Halloween costumes

    You might also be familiar with a subreddit called "Am I the Asshole?" (also known as AITA). Basically, people post a situation and call upon the judgment of other Reddit users to determine if they are, in fact, the asshole. Let's just say things can get...um, interesting.

    AITA for not participating in my friends "scheme" to convince a restaurant to buy his ketchup? https://t.co/lejLdwlioe

    @AITA_reddit / Twitter / Via Twitter: @AITA_reddit

    Given that both this TV show and this Reddit Community are absolutely wild, I thought it might be fun to combine the two. So without further ado, here's my take on what eight Riverdale plots would look like as AITA posts:

    Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead!!!

    1. AITA for singing with another girl at the variety show?

    Archie and Valerie

    2. AITA for generously throwing my boyfriend a surprise birthday party?

    Betty and Jughead for his birthday party

    3. AITA for framing my teenage daughter's boyfriend for murder because I don't like him?

    Archie is arrested for murder

    4. AITA for telling my ex-girlfriend to stop wearing my signature color?

    Toni wearing Cheryl's "signature" red

    5. AITA for telling another inmate that he doesn't understand the highs and lows of high school football?

    Archie in juvie

    6. AITA for brainwashing a bunch of teenagers into joining my organ-harvesting cult?

    Edgar clapping rhythmically in the audience at the school musical

    7. AITA for faking my death?

    Jughead's fake funeral photo

    8. Finally: AITA for being honest with my girlfriend and "ruining" her prom?

    Archie and Veronica slow dancing at prom

    Want to see any other TV shows or movies as AITA posts? Tell us in the comments!