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    27 "Riverdale" Couples, Ranked From "Absolute Trash" To "Literal Soulmates"

    "Oh personally, I think you're endgame."

    Throughout Riverdale's four seasons, we've seen a lot of different couples. Some of the pairings are amazing...and some of them I'd like to pretend didn't happen. Here's a look at every Riverdale romance, ranked from worst to best:

    27. Archie and Ms. Grundy

    26. Penelope and Clifford

    25. Archie and Cheryl

    24. Hal and Alice

    23. Charles and Chic

    22. Veronica and Chuck

    21. Ethel and Jughead

    20. F.P. and Gladys

    19. Polly and Jason

    18. Hermione and Hiram

    17. Toni and Jughead

    16. Fred and Hermione

    15. Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller

    14. Mary and Fred

    13. Alice and Fred

    12. Kevin and Joaquin

    11. Josie and Sweet Pea

    10. Mary and Brooke

    9. Archie and Valerie

    8. Archie and Veronica

    7. Betty and Jughead

    6. Veronica and Reggie

    5. Kevin and Moose

    4. Archie and Josie

    3. F.P. and Alice

    2. Archie and Betty

    1. And finally, at the top of the list, Cheryl and Toni

    Do you agree with these rankings? Majorly disagree? Want to argue?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!