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    14 Tumblr Posts That Are So Specific They're Kind Of Alarming

    BRB, getting married at an abandoned Waffle House.

    1. This great-great-uncle who will never be forgotten:

    2. This timeless advice:

    3. This post that sounds like a darker version of Bee Movie:

    4. This scenario that leaves a lot unanswered:

    5. This very specific roasting:

    6. This reasonable dating standard:

    7. This very romantic wedding venue:

    8. This cat owner who is v fed up with their cat's shit:

    9. This VERY specific historical drama:

    10. This group of friends with some odd issues to work out:

    11. This weirdly accurate description of 2010 fan fiction:

    12. This oddly specific blog with an oddly specific cause:

    13. This post that genuinely made me pause in realization:

    14. And finally, this post that said, "Hey, these are getting TOO specific":