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    19 Reasons We All Need A Nathan Scott In Our Life

    Before there was Peter Kavinsky, there was Nathan Royal Scott.

    This is Nathan Scott, star player for the Tree Hill Ravens, point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats, and the best man alive. I'm here today to tell you why he's perfect in every way.

    1. First off, he's an incredible athlete. He won so many championships in high school and college before playing for the NBA!

    2. He's gorgeous and he knows it...

    3. ...but he's also not too conceited.

    4. He's a true romantic! He's not afraid to get a little sappy.

    5. He's about a MILLION times better than his older brother, Lucas...

    6. ...but he's always there for Lucas anyway — at least after Season 1.

    7. He's one seriously endearing dad. I mean, he's a total DILF...

    8. ...but he's also just a really great parent.

    9. He's also an amazing friend. You can always count on him!

    10. He's super protective. He'd never let anything bad happen to the people he cares about.

    11. When he makes a commitment, he sticks to it. You'd never have to worry about him not being loyal.

    12. He's not afraid to show his goofy side once in a while.

    13. He's also not afraid to be vulnerable. He's honest about his feelings, even when it's hard...

    14. ...but he also doesn't take life too seriously.

    15. He's a super-supportive husband! He'd be your number one fan.

    16. He looks damn good on a basketball court.

    17. He can just tell when something is wrong...

    18. ...and he always just seems to know exactly the right thing to say.

    19. Finally...JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!

    In conclusion, Nathan Royal Scott is simply the best man I know.