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    Proof That Nathan Was The Superior Scott Brother On "One Tree Hill"

    Lucas who?

    The teen drama One Tree Hill was an iconic landmark of the 2000s. It truly had it all: love triangles, basketball, two hot half-brothers, and Sophia Bush in all her glory.

    But there's something about the show that still sends me to this day: for some reason, we were supposed to see Lucas as "the good brother" in comparison to Nathan. When in fact, it was quite the opposite.

    Look, I admit Lucas Scott is charming. But there's no denying that Nathan > Lucas. Here's why:

    First of all, Nathan treated Haley like a queen. He married her when they were only 16 (kind of ridiculous, but okay), and stayed committed.

    Lucas on the other hand, could never stay committed. He had the nerve to cheat on Brooke Davis multiple times and he was convinced he was in love with a different girl like, every week.

    Nathan was also willing to change for Haley. Sure, he was a total jerk in the beginning, but it didn't take long for him to get his shit together.

    Seriously, Nathan's character development is unmatched.

    While both Nathan and Lucas were stuck with Dan as a father, Lucas at least had a great mom. But poor Nate didn't have any reliable parents he could turn to.

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    Yet, Nathan still managed to step up and be an amazing father to Jamie.

    And Nathan did not fuck around when it came to his family.

    Finally, Nathan never took himself too seriously. He certainly wasn't walking around saying pretentious stuff like this:

    In conclusion: