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    17 Times Lucas Scott Was Utter Trash On "One Tree Hill"

    Nathan is simply the superior brother.

    1. First, when he cheated on Brooke with her best friend, Peyton...

    2. ...REPEATEDLY:

    3. When he saw nothing wrong with immediately dating Peyton after breaking up with Brooke:

    4. When he worried Brooke, Peyton, and his mom by sneaking out to go hook up with Nicki (who turned out to be his friend Jake's ex):

    5. When Haley tried being a cheerleader and he made her feel bad about it:

    6. When he slut-shamed Brooke while she was in the middle of a pregnancy scare:

    7. When he flipped out over Haley even considering sleeping with Nathan:

    8. When he decided to leave town with Keith because it was easier than fixing all his mistakes:

    9. When he went behind Nathan's back and messed up their brotherhood:

    10. When he called Brooke a skank for sleeping with Chris when they weren't even officially together...

    11. ...and acted all morally superior over it:

    12. When he compared Nathan to their horrible dad:

    13. When he and Peyton kissed AGAIN and then Lucas hid it from Brooke AGAIN...

    14. ...and then brought up Chris Keller to try and make it seem like he and Brooke were "even":

    15. When he blamed Peyton for their breakup just because she didn't want to get engaged so young:

    16. When he cheated on his fiancé Lindsey with Peyton:

    17. And finally, when Lindsey left him and he blamed it all on Peyton instead of taking any responsibility:

    Honestly, Lucas just sucked. Thank god for Nathan!