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23 Of The Most Ridiculous And Infuriating Storylines Teen Shows Forced Us To Sit Through

I just want to speak to whoever wrote the Pretty Little Liars finale.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which teen drama storylines they absolutely hated. Here are some of their responses:

🚨Warning: Spoilers ahead!🚨

Note: Some of the following include mentions of sexual assault.

1. First, when everyone got involved with "tickle porn" on Riverdale:

The CW

"Come on, that's just lazy writing at this point."


2. When Omar cheated on Ander while he was going through chemotherapy on Elite:

Ander breaks up with Omar

"They were such a strong couple, but then Omar just went and cheated on him? With his sister’s boyfriend? That’s messed up."


3. When Blaine dated Kurt's former bully, Karofsky, on Glee:


"I don’t think I've ever been so annoyed by a storyline. It was so out of character for Blaine and just awful."


4. When Peyton dated Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy on One Tree Hill:

Peyton and Pete
The WB

"It was absolutely ridiculous. Plus, there’s just something creepy about a grown man in a relationship with a high schooler."


5. When Annie drove drunk and killed a guy and barely faced any consequences on 90210:

drunk Annie behind the wheel right after she runs someone over
The CW

"Instead of coming forward about it, she stayed silent for a whole year. The whole storyline was uncomfortable to watch. And to make matters worse, she only got a couple months of house arrest and probation. Absolutely the WORST storyline I've ever seen on a teen show."


6. And when Annie dated Jasper, the nephew of the guy she killed, on 90210:

The CW

"The relationship was so creepy and made no sense."


7. When Logan's character was suddenly killed off right after he and Veronica got married on Veronica Mars:

Logan and Veronica wedding

"Killing him off was a pointless twist for shock value. It's a shame because up until Season 4, the show was fantastic."


8. When Ezra and Aria got married even though he was her TEACHER on Pretty Little Liars:


"The student/teacher relationship was already problematic, but he also stalked, manipulated, and lied to her all for research on his stupid book. Plus, he had dated underaged girls before. He was a predator and controlled her constantly. That entire relationship was just a toxic mess."


9. When Dan and Blair dated on Gossip Girl:

The CW

"It made zero sense, it was completely out of character for both of them, and it just felt desperate and forced. Everyone dated everyone on that show, but it's like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel with them. It only caused unnecessary drama."


10. When Drew dated Becky, his late brother's ex-girlfriend, on Degrassi: The Next Generation:


11. When Nathan and Haley got married and moved in together in HIGH SCHOOL on One Tree Hill:

Haley: "We got married last night!"
The WB

"What even WAS that?"


12. When Landry literally killed someone on Friday Night Lights and nothing ever came of it:

Tyra's attacker lies unconscious after Landry strikes him

"He just murdered someone and then covered it up and moved on with his life. Like, what?!"


13. When Bryce got a redemption arc on 13 Reasons Why:


"Trying to give a rapist a redemption storyline was infuriating. I was so angry that they tried to have us feel sorry for him and Monty. It was so bad that I won’t be watching the last season."


14. When Clare's baby turned out to be Eli's instead of Drew's on Degrassi: The Next Generation:

Clare finds out she's 16 weeks pregnant, not 12 weeks, meaning the baby is Eli's

"The fact that Clare's baby turned out to be Eli's was absolutely ridiculous. It made no sense timeline wise and they only did it to satisfy the Eclare shippers. The pregnancy storyline had the potential to be good, but the writers messed it up so badly."


15. When Rory and Dean had an affair on Gilmore Girls:

Rory and Dean about to sleep together
The WB

"I thought it was so out of character for Rory at the time. The affair was so awkward and wrong, and it didn’t feel like Gilmore Girls anymore."


16. When Allison died on Teen Wolf:


"Even if the actor wanted to leave, they could have just had Allison move away or something. Why kill her? It feels like they killed her off just to make room for Scott and Kira to be together, but then those two didn't even last. Allison deserved so much better."


17. When it was revealed that Nathan and Brooke made a secret sex tape years ago on One Tree Hill:

Brooke and Nathan's old sex tape gets leaked
The WB

"It made no sense and was so clearly added in at the last minute to make Peyton and Lucas look better. The whole plot was just bizarre and uncomfortable to watch."


18. When Chuck tried to sexually assault both Jenny and Serena in the pilot and everyone just kind of forgot about it on Gossip Girl:

The CW

"Basically everything about Chuck was toxic."


19. When Eric dated Adam on Sex Education:


"The pairing is incredibly messy and toxic. Adam bullied Eric for years and made him believe he was worthless. Then, after Eric finally learned to love and accept himself, he hooked up with Adam. It felt like the show was reinforcing the messed up idea that men who abuse you are actually in love with you."


20. When Lucas kept cheating on Brooke with Peyton on One Tree Hill:

The CW

"I was totally Team Brucas, so I’m biased, but I absolutely hated this entire storyline. Lucas kept choosing Brooke and then breaking her heart. Brooke deserved better, and Peyton should have been with Jake."


21. When John B and Sarah decided to run away to Mexico together on Outer Banks:


"They were 16 and had only been dating for like two weeks. And when they went headfirst into a massive storm because 'they'd rather die than live without each other'? Oh, please!"


22. When Miles kept getting back together with Tristan on Degrassi: Next Class:

Tristan says Miles "can't even decide if he likes boys or girls," a few episodes later Miles says Tristan is amazing and so supportive

"I never understood why the writers kept trying to paint their relationship as an epic romance when it didn't seem like they even liked each other. It didn't make sense for Miles to keep coming back to someone who didn't respect his sexuality and constantly put him down. Miles' relationship with Lola should have been further explored instead."


23. And finally, when Pretty Little Liars LITERALLY ended with Spencer having a secret evil British twin:


"It came out of nowhere, ruined a lot of character development, and was a complete waste. It was such a slap in the face to the fans who watched the show from the beginning!"


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity. Not all entries were from Community users.

How do you feel about these storylines? Let us know in the comments!

Reminder that I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse these! I personally really liked Dan and Blair together.

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