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15 Things You'll Understand If You Grew Up With A Filipino Family

God, I miss my family's lumpia.

1. First off, you have a million titos and titas and can hardly keep track of all of their names.


There's so many, you're actually convinced a couple of them aren't even related to you and just showed up for the food.

2. Likewise, you also have a million cousins. In fact, you keep meeting new ones.

5 year old me at the family party, wondering why I have so many cousins all of a sudden

3. Everyone always shows up two hours late.

rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland": "I'm late for a very important date"

Filipino time is a real thing, trust me.

4. Shoes are left at the door! Don't even think about it!

Getty Images

5. A meal is never served without rice, no matter what the main course is.

steaming white rice
Getty Images

6. One word: LUMPIA.

Getty Images

You and your cousins used to have contests over who could eat the most.

7. Your family looks for pretty much any excuse to all get together, whether it's a birthday or Groundhog Day.

family celebrating birthday
Getty Images

"Oh, it's Abraham Lincoln's birthday? We should get together!"

8. In fact, if you have a family party on the calendar, you have to tell your friends you can't hang out that entire day — because they literally last forever.

SpongeBob narrator: "Approximately 10 hours later"

9. Everyone has a nickname. In fact, you don't even know some of your relatives' real names.


"This is Tita Baby, that's Tito Bubba, and that's..."

10. You have to give your new significant other a brief overview of your entire family and prep them before you bring them to any gatherings.

extended family photo
Getty Images

Sorry, you WILL be interrogated by all of our titas and you're going to have to deal with that.

11. Everyone says grace ridiculously fast so they can start eating ASAP.

Filipino food spread
Getty Images

I want adobo, pancit, and sinigang, and I want it NOW!

12. The kitchen is always where all of the gossip is.

Kim Kardashian eavesdropping meme captioned "nine-year-old me listening to my tita talk about my cousin's new boyfriend"

13. There's always a sports game, a fighting match, or some old movie playing on the TV.

guy cheering at soccer match on TV
Getty Images

Either that, or someone is randomly doing karaoke in the living room.

14. It takes forever to say goodbye to everyone because there are so many relatives.


Your parents would always give you a heads-up that it's time to leave, like, 20 minutes in advance.

15. And finally, everyone is already planning the next family party before you're even out of the driveway yet.

marking calendar
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What are some things that always happen at your family parties? Tell us in the comments!

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