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    Every Boyfriend On "Gilmore Girls," Ranked From "Absolute Garbage" To "Marry Me"

    In a world full of Dean Foresters, date a Max Medina.

    The focus of Gilmore Girls may have been on the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory, but there's no denying that the show packed in plenty of relationship drama too. From bad boys to high school sweethearts, the girls certainly didn't have a shortage of men in their lives.

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    Below are my personal rankings of all the boyfriends/love interests in Gilmore Girls, from worst to best! You be the judge.

    20. At the very bottom, Christopher

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    Christopher was unreliable, childish, and just all-around garbage. He was barely involved in Rory's childhood, and then came back into Lorelai's life only to turn around and leave her again once he found out his ex-girlfriend was pregnant. And then he kept coming back and trying to mess things up with Lorelai and Luke. He may not be the worst TV boyfriend ever, but his consistent immaturity throughout the show puts him last on our list.

    19. Rune

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    Oh man, where to begin! This guy wasn't technically a boyfriend, but he was definitely the worst date Lorelai ever had. He was beyond rude and obnoxious, and we're glad he was only a guest star.

    18. Asher

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    Aside from being her professor, Asher dating Paris when she was barely out of high school was just downright creepy. Plus, he apparently had a history of having affairs with his female students. Nope, nope, nope!

    17. Dean

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    Dean may have been an okay boyfriend in the very beginning, but he quickly became hot garbage. He was incredibly jealous and possessive of Rory, had a nasty temper, and whined whenever things didn't go his way. Oh yeah, and he cheated on his wife. He may have built Rory a car, but he was still no prince.

    16. Jason

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    Jason caused way too many problems for the Gilmores. He sued Lorelai's dad, his business partner, and caused a giant rift in the family. I guess he's proof that you shouldn't date anyone who works with your parents.

    15. Logan

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    Ugh, Logan. He's not quite the worst since he matured a lot in the later seasons and did seem to genuinely love Rory. But honestly, he was so damn hard to like. He was entitled, pretentious, and Rory was at her worst whenever she was dating him. Plus, he was total trash for cheating on his fiancé in the revival.

    14. Peyton

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    There isn't much to say about this one. Peyton didn't do anything wrong, he was just seriously boring and obviously wrong for Lorelai.

    13. Paul


    Paul himself was probably an okay guy, but the running joke about Rory forgetting her boyfriend of several years was just terrible. She cheated on him throughout the whole revival and didn't even seem to remember his existence most of the time. The concept just wasn't funny at all. Was this guy really that forgettable?

    12. Henry

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    He and Lane would have been cute together if only she had gotten the courage to tell her mom about him. He was sweet and, to his credit, he did try to make it work with Lane. He lost credit for asking someone else to prom and making Lane cry, though!

    11. Jamie

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    Jamie! He was sweet, but Paris just wasn't that into him once she started college. I love Paris, but Jamie deserved better, honestly!

    10. Zack

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    Zack was an okay guy, but I just didn't feel a whole lot of spark between him and Lane. However, he was a pretty good husband and gets a lot of points for winning Mrs. Kim's approval!

    9. Tristan

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    Tristan was honestly a bit of a dick at first, but I'm willing to chalk most of his Season 1 immaturity up to being a teenage boy. He and Rory had chemistry and he had an irresistible bad boy charm to him. I think his character had potential. Or maybe I'm just biased because he was played by Chad Michael Murray.

    8. Alex

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    Alex obviously wasn't Lorelai's soulmate, but he was a good boyfriend! He was a cute single dad, got along well with Lorelai's friends, and liked her for who she was. His disappearance from the show was never really explained, and I guess it's just assumed he and Lorelai drifted apart.

    7. Doyle

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    Doyle and Paris deserved better! He was the only guy who could truly handle her fire, and their relationship was entertaining to watch. I was heartbroken when they got divorced in the revival.

    6. Marty

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    Marty was adorable, and he genuinely cared for Rory. Unfortunately, she just didn't feel the same way. He ranks as one of Rory's least problematic love interests in my book. Marty > Logan!

    5. Jackson

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    Jackson was the perfect match for Sookie, and their relationship was very sweet. He was definitely a good guy, although their dramatic fights did get a little old to watch after awhile. And what was up with lying about the vasectomy?!

    4. Dave

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    Dave wasn't on the show for super long, but I'm convinced he and Lane were destined to end up together! This boy really learned gospel music and pretended to be in a Christian rock band just to get Lane's mom to approve. Plus, he had to sit around and watch while Lane went on fake dates with boys her mom picked out for her. He was truly a saint — too bad Adam Brody left for The OC.

    3. Jess

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    All these years later and Jess Mariano still undoubtedly owns my heart. He was the most compelling of Rory's love interests — they connected on a deeper level, shared the same interests, and really understood each other. He pushed her to go back to Yale and gave her the idea to write a book. Plus, a bad boy who reads?! Swoon! He doesn't make the very top of this list because of the way he broke up with Rory when they were teenagers, though.

    2. Max

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    Mr. Max Medina was absolutely husband material — he just wasn't the right husband for Lorelai, sadly. I have no complaints about this guy. He really loved Lorelai, would have been a great stepdad to Rory, and was romantic as hell (remember how he proposed with 1,000 yellow daisies?!). If Lorelai hadn't ended up with Luke, I would have rooted for her and Max.

    1. And finally at the very top, Luke

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    Luke ranks number one on our list! He may not have been perfect, but he and Lorelai are undeniably meant to be. He was there for Lorelai through thick and thin, was a father figure to Rory, and proved time and time again that he wouldn't give up on Lorleai, no matter what. Thank god Luke and Lorelai got their happily ever after!

    Do you agree with these rankings? Anyone you would switch? Let us know in the comments!

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