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Here's What The "Degrassi" Cast Looks Like Today, From "Degrassi Jr. High" To "Degrassi Next Class"

"Manny Santos, my how you've grown."

It's been almost 19 years since the iconic teen show Degrassi: The Next Generation premiered!

While you might be most familiar with the Next Generation era, the show actually goes way beyond that! There are the predecessors, Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High, and the latest edition, Degrassi: Next Class.

Here's an overview of what the Degrassi cast looks like across all generations:

Buckle up because this list is LONG.

Let's start with the cast of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High!

1. Pat Mastroianni as Joey Jeremiah:

Pat Mastroianni today:

2. Stefan Brogren as Archie "Snake" Simpson:

Stefan Brogren today:

3. Nicole Stoffman as Stephanie Kaye:

Nicole Stoffman today:

4. Siluck Saysanasy as Yick Yu:

Siluck Saysanasy today:

5. Amanda Stepto as Christine "Spike" Nelson:

Amanda Stepto today:

6. Stacie Mistysyn as Caitlin Ryan:

Stacie Mistysyn today:

7. Rebecca Haines as Kathleen Mead:

Rebecca Haines today:

Next up, here's what the Degrassi: the Next Generation cast looks like!

8. Miriam McDonald as Emma Nelson:

Miriam McDonald today:

Drake as Jimmy Brooks:

9. Drake today:

10. Lauren Collins as Paige Michalchuk:

Lauren Collins today:

11. Cassie Steele as Manny Santos:

Cassie Steele today:

12. Shane Kippel as Gavin "Spinner" Mason:

Shane Kippel today:

13. Andrea Lewis as Hazel Aden:

Andrea Lewis today:

14. Ryan Cooley as J.T. Yorke:

Ryan Cooley today:

15. Christina Schmidt as Terri MacGregor:

Christina Schmidt today:

16. Adamo Ruggiero as Marco Del Rossi:

Adamo Ruggiero today:

17. Sarah Barrable-Tishauer as Liberty Van Zandt:

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer today:

18. Jake Epstein as Craig Manning:

Jake Epstein today:

19. Stacey Farber as Ellie Nash:

Stacey Farber today:

20. Daniel Clark as Sean Cameron:

Daniel Clark today:

21. Nina Dobrev as Mia Jones:

Nina Dobrev today:

22. Jajube Mandiela as Chantay Black:

Jajube Madiela today:

23. Shenae Grimes as Darcy Edwards:

Shenae Grimes today:

24. Paula Brancati as Jane Vaughn:

Paula Brancati today:

25. Jake Goldsbie as Toby Isaacs:

Jake Goldsbie today:

26. Melissa McIntyre as Ashley Kerwin:

Melissa McIntyre today:

27. Mike Lobel as Jay Hogart:

Mike Lobel today:

28. Charlotte Arnold as Holly J. Sinclair:

Charlotte Arnold today:

29. Dalmar Abuzeid as Danny Van Zandt:

Dalmar Abuzeid today:

30. Aislinn Paul as Clare Edwards:

Aislinn Paul today:

31. Munro Chambers as Eli Goldsworthy:

Munro Chambers today:

32. Luke Bilyk as Drew Torres:

Luke Bilyk today:

33. A.J. Saudin as Connor DeLaurier:

A.J. Saudin today:

34. Samantha Munro as Anya MacPherson:

Samantha Munro today:

35. Raymond Ablack as Savtaj "Sav" Bhandari:

Raymond Ablack today:

36. Annie Clark as Fiona Coyne:

Annie Clark today:

37. Cristine Prosperi as Imogen Moreno:

Cristine Prosperi today:

38. Jordan Todosey as Adam Torres:

Jordan Todosey today:

39. Shanice Banton as Marisol Lewis:

Shanice Banton today:

40. Chloe Rose as Katie Matlin:

41. Chloe Rose today:

42. Justin Kelly as Jake Martin:

Justin Kelly today:

43. Demetrius Joyette as Mike Dallas:

Demetrius Joyette today:

44. Jessica Tyler as Jenna Middleton:

Jessica Tyler today:

45. Melinda Shankar as Alli Bhandari:

Melinda Shankar today:

46. Alicia Josipovic as Bianca DeSousa:

Alicia Josipovic today:

47. Sarah Fisher as Becky Baker:

48. Sarah Fisher today:

And finally, here's what the cast of Degrassi: Next Class looks like today!

49. Amanda Arcuri as Lola Pacini:

Amanda Arcuri today:

50. Eric Osborne as Miles Hollingsworth:

Eric Osborne today:

51. Sara Waisglass as Frankie Hollingsworth:

Sara Waisglass today:

52. Spencer Macpherson as Hunter Hollingsworth:

Spencer Macpherson today:

53. Ana Golja as Zoë Rivas:

Ana Golja today:

54. Reiya Downs as Shay Powers:

Reiya Downs today:

55. Richard Walters as Deon "Tiny" Bell:

Richard Walters today:

56. Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin:

Olivia Scriven today:

57. Ricardo Hoyos as Zig Novak:

Ricardo Hoyos today:

58. Lyle Lettau as Tristan Milligan:

Lyle Lettau today:

59. Chelsea Clark as Esme Song:

60. Chelsea Clark today:

61. Soma Chhaya as Goldi Nahir:

Soma Chhaya today:

62. Andre Dae Kim as Winston Chu:

Andre Dae Kim today:

63. Ehren Kassam as Jonah Haak:

Ehren Kassam today:

64. Jamie Bloch as Yael Baron:

Jamie Bloch today: