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    There Have Been A Ton Of "Degrassi" Relationships, But These 20 Will Go Down As The Best In Panther History

    "'Til the world explodes."

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    Degrassi is the best teen drama of all time.

    season 14 cast
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    Don't even try to argue! You know it's true.

    There are lots of ship-worthy couples on the show, but there are some that truly stand out in terms of chemistry, story, and just overall dynamic.


    As huge fans of the series and your resident Degrassi experts™, we decided to make a list of our top couples. So, in no particular order, we present to you, the 20 best Degrassi ships of all time:

    Note: This list only covers "Next Generation" and "Next Class" — maybe someday we'll attempt a list for "Degrassi Jr. High" and "Degrassi High" couples!

    Spoilers ahead!!

    1. First, Manny and Jay

    CTV / Via

    Jay obviously started off as a pretty bad dude, but we couldn't help but fall in love with the amazing dynamic between him and Manny. He absolutely adores her and there's no denying they have incredible chemistry! Plus, Cassie Steele (Manny) ships them, and the writers have tweeted that they probably have kids together by now.

    2. Paige and Alex

    "Because I love you you idiot" scene

    This couple right here deserved so much better!!! Paige and Alex had such unmatched chemistry, and it was super refreshing to see a WLW relationship. They definitely had their flaws as a couple and weren't perfect, but their cute moments ultimately made them one of the best relationships on the show. "Because I love you, you idiot" will forever be iconic.

    3. J.T. and Liberty


    This couple definitely deserves a spot on this list. Despite a rocky start, they built something beautiful, and we loved to see it! The relationship helped both characters grow, and it was nice to see them find love, even if it came with lots of ups and downs. How could you not love that detention kiss?! We'll be forever devastated that J.T. died before he could tell Liberty he loved her. #JibertyForever.

    4. Miles and Lola


    We'll spare you the entire essay about why they should have ended up together, but we just have to say how OBSESSED we still are with them. They had incredible, natural chemistry, genuinely cared about each other, and accepted each other for who they were (Tristan could never!). While the circumstances definitely could have been better, they were one of the most interesting ships on the show in years and felt like each other's best match. The fact that the creators wanted to explore their relationship more keeps us up at night — but for now, we'll settle for the writers tweeting that they're talking again. She was his hope!

    5. Drew and Bianca


    These two started off as a casual hookup and ended up being one of the strongest couples on the show — they saved each other's lives multiple times, made each other better people, and had such an incredible love for each other. Will we ever get over their breakup? Probably not! But at least the writers have tweeted that they're seeing each other again. 'Til the world explodes!

    6. Zoë and Rasha

    Zoë and Rasha dance as prom royalty

    This was such a sweet pairing and it was so nice to see Zoë finally get to be happy! We loved how open and honest they were with each other, and their relationship was honestly one of the healthiest Degrassi ships ever. Nobody deserved prom queens more than they did!

    7. Emma and Sean


    Look, Emma may have married Spinner, but there's no denying that these two were iconic. Sean was the OG bad boy and Emma was the love of his life. From Sean saving Emma in the school shooting to "Nothing can replace the real thing," there are so many moments that prove no list would be complete without this couple.

    8. Fiona and Imogen


    This was the ship we didn't know we needed until it happened! Their first kiss on top of the Ferris wheel was perhaps the cutest moment in Degrassi history and, although they weren't perfect, the love they had for each other was so, so strong. To us, they're simply meant to be! Their breakup was devastating, but it seems like there's hope for them...

    9. Eli and Clare


    Eli and Clare were, by far, one of the most iconic couples in the entire Degrassi cinematic universe! Now, we know they weren't perfect — they were actually farrrrrr from it. But, at the end of the day, they had such tremendous love for each other, and it showed. Despite all of the ups and downs, they taught each other how to love and be loved, and ultimately grew to have one of the strongest relationships over time.

    10. Jenna and Connor

    Jenna and Connor virtual space date

    This was definitely a relationship that no one saw coming, but we have no complaints about this couple! Sometimes, the couples you expected the least end up being the ones that you love the most, and these two are just proof of that. Just their cute space-themed date alone was enough to sell us and make us ship them from the very beginning — also, a space-themed date is now on our dating bucket lists!

    11. Zig and Maya

    TeenNick / Via

    We went back and forth on this couple throughout the show, but now we've just gotta admit it: We ship it! Yes, they were messy, but they were best friends first and foremost and genuinely loved each other so much. Maya saved Zig after his mom kicked him out, and he helped her find happiness again after everything she went through. Their slow-burn was so satisfying to watch, and it felt fitting that they found their way back to each other in the end. We can't see either of them ending up with anyone else.

    12. Zane and Riley

    Zane and Riley kiss at school

    Zane and Riley are super underrated. Although there are aspects of this ship that we didn't love, they also had so many cute moments and we couldn't possibly leave them off this list — Riley bidding on Zane at the auction, for example! While not perfect, their relationship was also super realistic. We hope these two got a chance to finally be happy together in college.

    13. Alli and Dallas


    Dallas was hands-down the best relationship Alli had throughout her entire stay on Degrassi. He treated her farrrr better than any of the other guys she was with, and that's exactly why we love them so much. He had such excellent character development, which ultimately helped their relationship be amazing.

    14. Shay and Tiny

    Shay and Tiny on camping trip

    We actually liked Tiny with Lola too, but he and Shay were obviously meant to be! The way they bonded over their shared interests as lab partners was absolutely adorable, and Tiny was so supportive of Shay at all of her sporting events — plus, how cute was his promposal to her?! They felt like one of the most realistic yet healthy ships on the show, and we're so glad they got their happy ending together.

    15. Adam and Becky

    Adam and Becky kiss in "Summertime"

    Despite the complications of their relationship, Adam and Becky had fantastic chemistry, and you could always tell just how much they loved each other. It was terrific to see Becky grow to care so much about Adam despite how her parents felt about it. We'll forever wish Adam didn't die for so many reasons, but especially because they deserved to be endgame. Also, who the heck ships Becky with Drew?!

    16. Cam and Maya

    TeenNick / Via

    Ugh, it brings us PAIN just to think about these two. They had such a sweet, wholesome relationship, and their story was both beautiful and tragic. From their karaoke sessions to their pillow fights over Hoot, we loved every minute of them. While we don't necessarily think the relationship would have lasted forever, we'll always be sad we didn't get to see more of Cam — he deserved to be happy!

    17. Jimmy and Hazel

    Jimmy and Hazel kiss

    While this couple didn't get a ton of plot (Hazel deserved so many more storylines!), we'll forever wish that Jimmy and Hazel ended up together because they had so many adorable moments. How could you not ship them?! They were best friends who fell in love and grew to have one of the healthiest, longest-lasting relationships on the show. 

    18. Dave and Alli


    These two were a loooooong time coming! At first, Alli only liked Dave as a friend, then she was with someone else, and then they had that awkward "friends who kinda like each other" phase, but it was well worth it. Their relationship was dramatic and relatively short-lived, but their chemistry was absolutely amazing, to say the least. While they weren't meant to be endgame, they'll always have a special place in our hearts.

    19. Holly J. and Sav

    Holly J kisses Sav on the cheek

    Sav and Holly J. definitely get extra points for being one of the more realistic couples on the show. They weren't super over-the-top, and they also didn't have too much drama. They also balanced each other out and worked really well together. They were supportive of each other, had great chemistry, and were just all-around cute — what's not to like?

    20. Winston and Goldi


    We didn't get to see a ton of this ship, but the moments they shared together were so sweet. It was a perfect example of friends-to-lovers and felt like a truly realistic but genuine high school relationship. It was nice to see Winston find someone who made him happy, and Goldi smiled so much around him! We're glad they ended up together.

    And finally, an honorable mention to Frankie and Esme!

    Netflix / Via

    They might not be officially canon on the show, but they're endgame in our hearts!

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