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    There Have Been A Ton Of "Degrassi" Relationships, But These 20 Will Go Down As The Best In Panther History

    "'Til the world explodes."

    Degrassi is the best teen drama of all time.

    season 14 cast

    There are lots of ship-worthy couples on the show, but there are some that truly stand out in terms of chemistry, story, and just overall dynamic.

    As huge fans of the series and your resident Degrassi experts™, we decided to make a list of our top couples. So, in no particular order, we present to you, the 20 best Degrassi ships of all time:

    Note: This list only covers "Next Generation" and "Next Class" — maybe someday we'll attempt a list for "Degrassi Jr. High" and "Degrassi High" couples!

    Spoilers ahead!!

    1. First, Manny and Jay

    2. Paige and Alex

    "Because I love you you idiot" scene

    3. J.T. and Liberty

    4. Miles and Lola

    5. Drew and Bianca

    6. Zoë and Rasha

    Zoë and Rasha dance as prom royalty

    7. Emma and Sean

    8. Fiona and Imogen

    9. Eli and Clare

    10. Jenna and Connor

    Jenna and Connor virtual space date

    11. Zig and Maya

    12. Zane and Riley

    Zane and Riley kiss at school

    13. Alli and Dallas

    14. Shay and Tiny

    Shay and Tiny on camping trip

    15. Adam and Becky

    Adam and Becky kiss in "Summertime"

    16. Cam and Maya

    17. Jimmy and Hazel

    Jimmy and Hazel kiss

    18. Dave and Alli

    19. Holly J. and Sav

    Holly J kisses Sav on the cheek

    20. Winston and Goldi

    And finally, an honorable mention to Frankie and Esme!