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    Updated on Apr 28, 2020. Posted on Apr 28, 2020

    Betty And Archie's Romance On "Riverdale" Is Basically Nate And Serena 2.0 And Here's Proof

    Give Betty and Archie the ending Nate and Serena deserved!

    Hey everyone, my name is Kelly and I'm a big fan of Riverdale! I'm also a really big fan of Gossip Girl. Recently, I noticed some striking similarities between two of my favorite pairings from the shows, Betty and Archie and Nate and Serena.

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    Obviously, Betty and Archie's romance in the comics long predates any Gossip Girl romance, but still! Here are some parallels that prove Barchie is destined to be the next Serenate:

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    First off, both pairings have known each other since they were kids. Nate and Serena went to school together and had the same friend group growing up, while Betty and Archie were next-door neighbors and best friends since they were 4.

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    Both pairings have a long, complicated history, but have always been there for each other.

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    Additionally, both pairings dated each other's best friends and then cheated with each other. Nate and Serena hooked up while he was dating her best friend Blair, and Betty and Archie kissed while he was dating Veronica and she was dating Jughead. Not saying this is a great look for either pairing, but I can't ignore this obvious parallel.

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    Both Archie and Nate realized their feelings for the girls a little too late...

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    ...and neither of them have ever quite gotten over the girls, and everyone knows it. Their friends always tend to bring up these past feelings, and their significant others are always a little insecure about their history.

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    Plus, both pairings buried their feelings for a long time before acting on them. The scene in Season 2 where Archie looks out his window at Betty gives me MAJOR Serenate feels:

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    Another notable similarity between the pairings: They've both staged fake kisses or pretended to date in order to protect someone. Nate and Serena kissed and let people think they were an item to cover up his affair with Katherine, and Betty and Archie pretended to date in order to protect Jughead while he was faking his death.

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    And we can't forget that both pairings also had an iconic "of course I love you" scene!

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    To be fair, Archie was saying he loved Betty as a friend in this scene. But still!

    Finally, I'm not the only one who's noticed the similarities between the couples:

    #Barchie & #Serenate have this certain special place in my heart... ๐Ÿ’—

    serenate is barchie and dair is jeronica period

    When Archie says something like this to Betty, my heart will combust.

    Do you see it?! Am I nuts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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