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    15 Jokes About Reddit's "Am I The Asshole?" That Are Pure Gold

    You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain in an AITA post.

    There's a very interesting Reddit community called "Am I the Asshole?" It's described as "a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you."


    Basically, people submit various situations and ask if they were, in fact, the asshole. Needless to say, things can get pretty interesting.

    AITA for taking my friend to court after she kicked me out of the bridal party for cutting my hair?

    Twitter: @AITA_reddit

    Luckily for us, Twitter has some pretty great jokes about the subreddit. Here are some of the best:

    1. This scenario that sounds strikingly familiar:

    My (8M) father (43M) took me into the city to see a marching band. We were having a fun time until he asked me to be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned. AITA for just wanting to enjoy the marching band?

    Twitter: @Sayers33

    2. This unfortunate accuracy:

    every AITA post is like My(45M) wife(25F) is a selfless hero who saves children from burning buildings and volunteers at a soup kitchen. I hate this about her because it reminds me that I am small and insignificant, so I shredded every remaining photo of her late mother. AITA?

    Twitter: @voxespopuli

    3. This modern take on a classic:

    AITA if I (20F) told a guy (28M) he was the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry, but am reconsidering after I toured his family estate and he saved my family (60M, 56F, 22F, 18F, 17F, 15F) from social ruin?? EDIT: He has an estate of ten thousand a year

    Twitter: @glykypikron

    4. This tweet that's way too real:

    the stories on that Am I The Asshole subreddit are so specific like imagine if you were just scrolling Reddit and suddenly you see an account called “mygfabitch_burner” perfectly recounting that one time he called you a cunt when you asked him to be nicer to your parents

    Twitter: @abbygov

    5. This writing exercise I am definitely going to try:

    Random writing tip: if you’re trying to get into the head of your story’s antagonist, try writing an “Am I the Asshole” reddit post from their perspective, explaining their problems and their plans for solving them. Let their voice and logic come through.

    Twitter: @valerievaldes

    6. This phenomenon that happens WAY too often:

    i was reading the am i the asshole reddit and someone really just posted a shameless plot line and nobody noticed

    Twitter: @hostile_bean

    7. This sadly accurate summary:

    @AITA_reddit Love the genre of dudes in these that are like “I acted like a total asshole and then someone called me an asshole and so I acted like a bigger asshole. But I think I’m right, so am I the asshole?”

    Twitter: @mikerosenblatt9

    8. This tweet that's honestly not far off:

    Reddit be like: "AITA for setting f1re to an orphanage and swiping an ambulance on the way back while drunk driving?"

    Twitter: @Bolverk15

    9. This very, very relatable thought:

    every single time a dude is bad on "am i the asshole" men: this is a troll this is fake, no man acts like this 87,573 women: OH MY GOD IS THIS MY EX? JEREMY YOU BASTARD IS THAT YOU? I KNEW YOU'D DO IT AGAIN YOU SON OF A BITCH

    Twitter: @JessiSheron

    10. This joke that makes me really, really want a Disney version of AITA:

    Every AITA where the person is clearly wrong is always titled "AITA for giving my stepdaughter a delicious apple?" and then the content is like "Ok, a little back story: Yes, the apple was poison & she now lives in hiding as a maid for 7 dwarves but I dont think thats my fault"

    Twitter: @clhubes

    11. This tweet that's unfortunately really accurate:

    Every woman on Reddit: I’m (21F) pretty sure my boyfriend (49M) will murder me, AITA? Every man on Reddit: This monster won’t eat the food she hates I’m passive aggressively tricking her into eating, what a bitch.

    Twitter: @courtenlow

    12. This tweet that made me wonder if Joe Goldberg ever posts on AITA:

    AiTa commenters be like "he's a literal psychopath, yes. But does that make him an asshole for this one specific thing? I don't see how that mountain of context is relevant."

    Twitter: @DonutInterns

    13. This very, very real categorization:

    @kwhitaker_ @giantgio There are 2 basic genres of AITA posts: -AITA for insisting my boyfriend not shit on the carpet when he loses a video game? -AITA for kicking my nephew’s teeth in for getting the same face paint as me at his birthday party? There is no in between

    Twitter: @esotericvarmint

    14. This very reasonable rule:

    Asking "Am I the asshole?" is a HIPAA violation.

    Twitter: @AITA_reddit

    15. And finally, this absolute comedic GOLD:

    I (104M) ran away to Italy to have myself murdered by the vampire government because I thought my girlfriend (18F) killed herself after I broke up with her because my step brother (161M) tried to kill her for getting a paper cut from her birthday gift. AITA?

    Twitter: @elissa_rizzo

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