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Oct 8, 2019

The Bella Goth Mystery On "The Sims" Is Even Crazier Than I Thought, So Here's Some More Of My Detective Work

I will not rest until I get answers.

Hey, Internet friends. A while back, I did a post attempting to finally find justice for Bella Goth, who tragically disappeared on The Sims.

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However, Bella's case is much too complicated for a single post to cover. Thus I present to you: part two of my investigation.


First, a brief recap of my initial investigation. After many hours of detective work, I concluded that Don Lothario and the Caliente sisters, Nina and Dina, were ultimately responsible for Bella's disappearance. I theorized that they conspired with aliens to kidnap Bella and leave her to die in outer space.

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I still stand by my theory. However, I admit that I did fail to thoroughly investigate a crucial part of the story...Strangetown Bella!

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For those not familiar, Strangetown is another pre-made neighborhood in The Sims 2. The town's official description: "Truth-seekers move to Strangetown hoping to discover the secrets the town holds. Do aliens live among us? Do missing Sims mysteriously appear here? In this town, nothing is what it seems."

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So, where does Bella fit into all of this? Well, as YouTuber Plumbella explains in her video, Bella has actually been spotted in Strangetown! She's alive!

But WAIT. There's a catch: Strangetown Bella has absolutely no memories of her life with Mortimer and her family.

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Cassandra and Alexander? Never heard of them. Mortimer who?

What does this all mean?! Well, as Plumbella explains in her video, a lot of fans believe that aliens abducted Bella, wiped her memory clean, and then dumped her in Strangetown. But I think it's a little more complicated...

I don't think Strangetown Bella is the real Bella Goth. I think she's a clone.

The CW

Yeah, that's right...a CLONE.

In addition to having no memories, this Bella looks slightly different from the original Bella. They're not too noticeably different, but it's still enough to spark my curiosity.

Alessandra / Via

Also: Bella Goth actually is confirmed dead in at least one Sims universe. Her body can be found in Lunar Lakes in The Sims 3.

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Bella sweetie, I am so sorry.

To clarify, Sims 3 is actually a prequel to Sims 2. However, the neighborhood Lunar Lakes is in an alternate, futuristic timeline (similar to how The Sims 4 is an alternate universe). It's confusing as heck, and honestly The Sims timeline deserves a whole quantum mechanics class dedicated to understanding it.


Think of it as its own version of the Multiverse.

Now, back to my theory. Basically, I think the Lunar Lakes Bella is the real Bella Goth. I think after Bella died in space, the aliens dumped her body in Lunar Lakes, where they hoped nobody would find it. Which is uh, pretty messed up.

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Seriously, someone should make a podcast about it.

But I believe the aliens wanted to cover their tracks even further. So I think that before Bella died, the aliens cloned her and then dropped the clone in Strangetown. That way if anyone accused them of murdering Bella, they could be like, "What do you mean? She's alive and well in Strangetown!"

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Except poor Bella is not alive and well in Strangeville. She's DEAD, y'all.

In conclusion, I stand by my original theory that Don and the Caliente sisters conspired with aliens to kill Bella. I think Strangetown Bella is nothing but a pathetic coverup attempt designed to throw us off our tracks...and I'm not giving up until Bella finally gets the justice she deserves.

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