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I Tried To Solve Bella Goth's Disappearance On "The Sims" And Here's What I Found


Hey, friends. Today I'm going to attempt to solve a mystery that's haunted me since my childhood: What the heck happened to Bella Goth in The Sims?

For those who don't remember, Bella was an iconic premade character in the original Sims. She was married to her childhood best friend, Mortimer Goth, and they had two children, Cassandra and Alexander. They were also pretty rich.

But sometime in between The Sims and The Sims 2, Bella mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again.

The game explains that she was last seen at Don Lothario's house. Apparently, Don tried to make a romantic advance on Bella and she rejected him.

Oh yeah, should know that Don is engaged to Bella's daughter, Cassandra.

Bella is widely believed to have been abducted by aliens on Don's deck. Alien abduction can happen if a Sim uses a telescope, and it's actually pretty common in the game. But usually the aliens bring the Sim back.

So if Bella was really abducted by aliens as this theory suggests, then why didn't she return to Earth afterward like any other Sim? Well, buckle up...because this is about to get veeeeery complicated.

On the eve of Bella's disappearance, the Caliente sisters, Dina and Nina, moved to town.

Guess who both sisters were romantically involved with?


Alexa, play "Womanizer" by Britney Spears.

BUT WAIT. Shortly after his wife Bella's disappearance, Mortimer Goth just happened to start dating someone new...DINA CALIENTE!

And now, for the last crucial piece of information: The Caliente sisters are confirmed to be part alien.

Yes, that's a normal thing that can happen on The Sims.


So, let's recap:

•Bella Goth is gone.

•Bella probably got abducted by aliens right after she rejected Don Lothario, her daughter’s fiancé.

•The Caliente sisters moved to town the night before Bella disappeared.

•The Caliente sisters are part alien.

•Both Caliente sisters are into Don.

•Dina Caliente is now dating Bella’s rich husband, Mortimer.

There are many theories about what exactly went down the night Bella disappeared. Some people think she was the victim of a horrible alien experiment gone wrong. Some think Mortimer actually killed her. Others are certain the Caliente sisters and Don are somehow involved.

sims 2 was the only game I played with in-game locals cus their tea was HOT. don Latharihoe was fucking around with the caliente sisters but also cassandra goth, who’s mother was abducted by the illuminati & father is dating Dina Caliente!! my wig was more missing than bella goth

Personally, this is what I think happened:

I think Don tried to seduce Bella and was really thrown off when she rejected him. And he was probably all worried that Bella would snitch on him to Cassandra.

So Don hit up the Caliente sisters and asked them to work their alien magic. He asked them to get their relatives to abduct Bella and wipe any memory of him hitting on her.

But then I think Dina saw an opportunity: If Bella was gone, then she could make a move on Mortimer and get his money.

So Dina and her sister convinced their alien fam to take Bella away forever. And everyone lived happily ever after...except for poor Bella.

In conclusion, I think Don, the Caliente sisters, and aliens all conspired to kidnap Bella and leave her to die in outer space. And I think they need to pay for what they did.