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    20 "Hey Arnold!" Jokes That Are Even Better As An Adult

    Forever shipping Arnold and Helga.

    Early Nickelodeon truly blessed us with some of the best TV of all time: Rugrats, CatDog, Rocko's Modern Life. But in my opinion, nothing will ever top the comedy gold of Hey Arnold! Here are some of the cartoon's funniest moments:

    1. First, when Arnold's fashion sense was insulted:

    2. When Grandpa Phil was an expert at romance:

    3. When Helga somehow got away with saying this line on a kids channel:

    4. When Arnold spoke for all of us:

    5. When Ruth solved a great literary mystery:

    6. When Ms. Slovak was brutally honest about modern dating:

    7. When Arnold clearly didn't pay any attention in Spanish class:

    8. When Helga accepted herself for who she was:

    9. When Arnold crushed his grandpa's fun:

    10. When Helga had an interesting way of getting a date:

    11. When Grandpa Phil saw a way to give Arnold relationship advice and get out of chores.

    12. When Gerald got really deep:

    13. When Grandma Gertie truly did not give a damn:

    14. When Grandpa Phil proved he was always the coolest grandpa around:

    15. When Arnold's ID card kept it simple (and definitely wouldn't have gotten him into any bars):

    16. When Grandma Gertie kept things in the family interesting:

    17. When Mrs. Vitello did not appreciate Harold's attempt at a compliment:

    18. When Grandpa Phil tried to offer some words of comfort:

    19. When Helga realized her sister's fiancé was a cheating liar, so she called his girlfriend and exposed him like the savage she is:

    20. And finally, when Helga delivered the most iconic insult of all time:


    An earlier version of this post misidentified one of the characters in the scene in #17. Our bad!