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    People Shared Their Most Controversial Teen Drama Opinions And Wow, Are They Bold

    Were we too hard on Dean Forester? Discuss!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most unpopular or controversial teen drama opinions, and man oh man, did they have some! Here are the wild results:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I, Kelly Martinez, do not necessarily endorse all of these opinions. I personally adore Jess Mariano.

    Spoilers ahead!

    1. Joey should have ended up with Dawson, and Pacey should have ended up with Andie on Dawson's Creek.

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    2. Sabrina is the worst character on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


    "She's selfish and cares more about her current boyfriend than anything else. She just goes from one disaster to the next, and someone always has to bail her out."


    3. Betty and Archie should end up together on Riverdale.

    The CW

    "Betty and Jughead are overrated, and Veronica and Archie are boring together."


    4. Jess was NOT a good boyfriend on Gilmore Girls.

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    "Maybe he turned out to be a good person in the end, but when he was with Rory, he was uncommunicative, irresponsible, and aloof."


    "Jess did not deserve Rory at all. He treated her horribly and abandoned her with no warning. He was obnoxious to everyone. I am not sure why the internet is obsessed with him."


    5. Dean was Rory's best boyfriend on Gilmore Girls.

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    "He went to Rory's school dance, went to her grandma's things, and built her a damn car, for crying out loud!"


    6. Rory should have ended up with Tristan on Gilmore Girls.

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    "Not Jess. Not Dean. Tristan."


    7. Eric and Adam are the worst couple on Sex Education.


    "It's not cute. Adam was awful to Eric in the first season — he bullied him so badly. Rahim deserved better."


    "Adam just has too many problems and needs to learn to love himself before he can even think of being in a relationship. It shouldn't be Eric's job to fix him."


    8. Otis and Maeve should not date on Sex Education.


    "I love Maeve as a character, but I just don't think that Otis is the right fit for her."


    9. Miles and Lola were a better match than Tristan and Miles on Degrassi.


    "Tristan was biphobic from the start — he outed Miles during the school debate, shamed his body count, and told Zoe that Miles was only into boys, which he wasn't."


    "Miles and Lola were WAY healthier than Tristan and Miles and deserved a fair chance at a relationship."


    "Lola and Miles should’ve ended up together. They had so much chemistry. Tristan was biphobic and had a toxic relationship with Miles."


    10. The Originals and Legacies are better than The Vampire Diaries.

    The CW

    "The Vampire Diaries is the weakest of the three shows — it drags on and Elena is unbearable. The Originals and Legacies have characters you actually want to see succeed."


    11. Damon should have died on The Vampire Diaries instead of Stefan.

    The CW

    "Damon Salvatore was the devil incarnate. Sorry, not sorry."


    12. Rachel was the best character on Glee.


    "She was a strong woman who never gave up on her dreams, even when school drama and boys got in her way."


    13. Jesse and Rachel were a better couple than Finn and Rachel on Glee.


    14. Blaine and Kurt should NOT have ended up together on Glee.


    "They both hurt each other so many times — I'm not saying Blaine should have ended up with Karofsky, but he and Kurt do not belong together."


    15. Peyton and Lucas were the worst characters on One Tree Hill.

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    "They were so annoying, and them dating just made it worse."


    16. Anna should have stayed a main character on One Tree Hill.

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    "A lot of people hated Anna in Season 2, but it was cool to see a bisexual Latina character portrayed in a nonoffensive way in the early 2000s. I was sad to see her leave."


    17. It was Johnny's fault that Marissa died on The OC.


    "If he hadn’t been all 'Poor me, poor me, she doesn’t love me,' he wouldn’t have died, Marissa wouldn’t have gone off the rails with Volchock, and Volchock wouldn’t have killed her. I’ll blame Johnny for the rest of my days."


    18. Dan and Blair made more sense as a couple than Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl.

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    "Dan and Blair had more in common, had more chemistry, and were a way more entertaining couple. The writers always acted like Blair and Chuck belonged together because they loved playing games and scheming, but in reality, Dan was the biggest schemer of all as Gossip Girl. Plus, Chuck traded Blair for a hotel."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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