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18 Of The Funniest Audience Reviews For "Cats"

"Best horror film of the year!"

By now, I'm sure you know all about Cats and how everyone LOVES it.

LA Weekly / Via

I mean, the Rebel Wilson cockroach scene really says enough on its own, TBH.

Being back in my hometown for the holidays (which has like, ONE bar, by the way) has led me to a new favorite hobby: reading Rotten Tomatoes user reviews of Cats.


Here are some of my favorite reviews I've found:

1. This person who was disgusted by horny cats:

Usaid M / Via

2. This person with a wild conspiracy theory:

Rich S / Via

3. This tired soul who just wants to nap:

Maureen / Via

4. This person who LOVES the lack of teen pregnancy:

Allen / Via

5. This person who desperately needs help:

Alexis C / Via

6. This person who will not be getting a kitten anytime soon:

Anakin L / Via

7. This person who has HAD IT with furries:

Tun T / Via

8. This person who's lost all hope:

Cameron D / Via

9. This time-traveler:

Helen B / Via

10. This person who seems unclear on the concept of musicals:

Ekhsan M / Via

11. This cat elitist:

Dan B / Via

12. This person who found a silver lining:

Gerardo R / Via

13. This helpful Star Wars fan:

Michael J / Via

14. This person with an alternative suggestion:

Shea B / Via

15. This stubborn soul:

Kinslee H

16. This person who converted to furrydom:

Jack C / Via

17. This person who just wants to see cat butts:

Hannah G / Via

18. And finally, this person who pretty much summed it up:

Dennis T / Via

In conclusion: I have no words.

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