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Why Haley Should Have Ended Up With Andy On "Modern Family"

"If I'm your elephant, you have a shot. That's what I'm trying to say, dummy."

Spoilers ahead!

After 11 seasons, Modern Family is coming to an end on April 8. As of now, it looks almost 100% certain that Haley will end up with her high school sweetheart Dylan, considering last season they got married and had twins.

But you know who Haley should have ended up with? ANDY. FREAKING. BAILEY. I'm here today to tell you why he and Haley were the perfect match.

1. First off, they had that cute "I hate you, but I don't really hate you" banter thing that was just too adorable:

2. Andy was the first guy to really appreciate Haley and make her recognize how great she was:

3. And Haley loved Andy for exactly who he was too, even if he was totally different from her usual "bad boy" type...

4. ...because she liked who she was when she was with him:

5. Everyone knew they were meant to be before even they knew:

6. But eventually Haley realized just how much she cared about Andy...

7. ...and Andy realized Haley was the only one he wanted to be with:

8. The wait was worth it, even if it took them a really, really long time to figure out what they wanted:

9. They just had this undeniable chemistry. They couldn't stay away from each other, no matter how much they tried:

10. Like, they really couldn't stay away from each other:

11. But it wasn't all drama and high stakes with them. They also knew how to be goofy together:

12. And they were both a little full of themselves, but in an endearing way:

13. Andy was about a million times classier than Dylan. He definitely never would have done this:

14. Plus Andy had a really cute friendship with Haley's dad...

15. ...who was totally rooting for them from day one:

16. There was just something about the two of them:

17. And, in the end, even though Haley let Andy go so he could pursue his dream job, they knew their relationship was something real and special:

In conclusion, Haley and Andy DESERVED BETTER!!!