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11 Reasons Meghan Trainor's Grammy Win Is Actually The Best

All aboard the M-Train!

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1. Meghan Trainor is a songwriter first, pop star second.

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She planned to make a living writing for other artists until L.A. Reid heard the demo for "All About That Bass" and insisted she release it herself. The legendary record executive saw star potential that Meghan didn't see in herself.

3. Admit it: You're still "All About That Bass."


You'll always be about that bass because you'll never get the chorus out of your head. You'll be singing "All about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble" on your death bed.

4. She's legit amazing on the ukulele.

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According to an interview with Rolling Stone, she played the instrument when she sang for record executive L.A. Reid for the first time — he offered a record deal 20 minutes later.


6. And she's generous with her talents!

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Did you know she wrote Fifth Harmony's banger "Sledgehammer"? Because she did. The pop star has also written songs for Rascal Flatts, Sabrina Carpenter, and Lauren Alaina.

8. She has always done her own thing: In high school, she played football for three years.

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"I had two brothers, I was a tomboy," Meghan explained to a radio station in January 2015. "I was playing football and all my best friends were the cheerleaders."


9. Honestly, who among us wouldn't make-out with Charlie Puth on national television if given the opportunity? PR stunt or not.

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Meghan keeps it real, even when she's not keeping it all the way real.