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    Yes, Frozone's Wife Will Return For "Incredibles 2," But We Won't See Her

    Honey Best, Frozone's iconic wife, will definitely be back.

    If you've seen The Incredibles, you know it's chock-full of iconic characters.

    They are all unforgettable and wonderful in their own ways. But it's a known fact that the most iconic character in The Incredibles is Frozone's wife, Honey Best. She is literally the best.


    That woman stole the movie with one scene, and we never even saw her.


    So, naturally, fans have been wondering if Honey will return for Incredibles 2.


    The Incredibles 2 trailer confirmed for us that Honey will definitely be back in some capacity, but we just got one quick line from her at the very end. Will we finally SEE the icon?


    Well, we have an answer. During a press event at Pixar Animation Studios in San Francisco, writer and director Brad Bird confirmed that, yes, we'll definitely hear Honey again — but we won't see her.


    "We wanted to show Honey in this movie," Bird said. "We didn’t end up doing it, because [she’s] funnier as a voice."


    The team did design the character Honey, and even though she won't appear in the film as Honey, the character design will appear as another superhero we've yet to meet.

    "The problem is, we have a lot of different things that we want the movie to be about, and the two Incredibles movies are already the longest Pixar movies," Bird explained about the creative choice.


    So keep an ear out for more Honey one-liners when Incredibles 2 hits theaters June 15.

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