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    14 Movies And TV Shows That'll Cure Your Post-Royal Wedding Blues

    I'm still not over the royal wedding.

    We can all agree that Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry had the fairytale wedding of a lifetime.

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    But it's over and now life has no meaning. So here are some TV shows and movies you can watch on Netflix right now that might start to fill the royal wedding-sized hole in your heart.

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    1. The Crown


    This pick might seem a bit obvious, but even if you've already seen both seasons, watching it now will give you a whole new appreciation for the painstaking detail the show pays to royal life and protocol. The Crown is a rich history lesson that's full of scandals and secrets, and the very first episode starts with Queen Elizabeth's beautiful royal wedding.

    2. Marie Antoinette

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    If you immediately went into a historical deep dive on royal wedding dresses after you saw Meghan Markle step out of that car outside St. George's Chapel, this is the movie for you. Sofia Coppola's examination of one of history's most controversial monarchs is full of bright pop music, bold lip colors, towering wigs, and dresses fit for, ya know, a queen.

    3. The Royals


    This 6-episode documentary series (and not the E! show of the same name starring Elizabeth Hurley), features royal experts weighing in on one topic per episode — from royal pets to royal funerals — and the very first episode is all about royal weddings. From cakes to famous regal romances past, this show's perfect for anyone who's a sucker for behind-the-scenes details.

    4. Reign

    The CW

    This CW show is what happens when every royal fanfic you've ever seen on Tumblr melts together and puts on a prom dress and flower crown. It's amazing. Watch this if you want to see what happens when Dawson's Creek meets (wildly skewed) royal history — lots of gowns, lots of making out, and lots of scheming queens.

    5. The Tudors


    If you want all the royal drama with limited historical accuracy and just a ton of sex — seriously, there's a sex scene in the woods that'll redefine how you look at forestry for the rest of your life — this is the show for you. Natalie Dormer has never smouldered harder than she does as the ill-fated Anne Boleyn (sorry, Margaery Tyrell), and Jonathan Rhys Meyers is appropriately annoying as a young King Henry VIII.

    6. Princess Grace of Monaco


    Much like Meghan Markle, Grace Kelly was an American actor who married into royalty and became a global icon. The movie examines just what Kelly had to sacrifice to take on the crown, and it'll probably ring especially poignant now that we're all so fixated on Markle's new life.

    7. Elizabeth at 90: A Family Tribute


    A documentary narrated by the Prince of Wales himself, this is a loving and informative tribute to the reigning queen. It features home video footage from the queen's many journeys abroad, commentary from the monarch herself, and a touching message from her grandsons, William and Harry. It's especially worth watching once you've finished The Crown.

    8. A Cinderella Story

    Warner Bros.

    This story is, historically speaking, exactly what would have happened if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had met in high school. It's a fact.

    9. The Duchess

    BBC Films

    Hellooo, this is about a DUCHESS (just like Meghan Markle) bucking tradition (hellooo) and being a badass (HeLLoOOOoOO). Though her marriage sucks, which is kind of a downer if you want that royal wedding happily ever after, there's still lots of Keira Knightley wearing gorgeous gowns and strutting around the countryside. Worth it.

    10. The King's Speech

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    The story of King George VI, the current queen's father, overcoming his stutter when his brother abdicates the throne is equal parts heartwarming and fascinating. It really humanizes the royal family, and it's a great and engaging historical dive if you're interested in how the family's image has changed over the years.

    11. The Royal House of Windsor

    Channel 4

    This 6-episode documentary series chronicles the last 100 years of the Windsors' rule. It's definitely the driest, most historical fare on this list, but it's very thorough and full of expert historian commentary. It gives a full picture of how dramatically the monarchy has changed over the course of a century.

    12. Beauty and the Beast


    OK, maybe it's a stretch, but the Beast is a prince, Belle wears a really beautiful gown, and it's literally a Disney fairytale. It's always worth a rewatch.

    13. Diana: In Her Own Words

    National Geographic

    Through a series of audio recordings, most of which have never been heard elsewhere, the late Princess of Wales, guides us through her journey joining — and then leaving — the royal family. Full of pictures and video footage of the icon through her entire life, it's both enthralling and heartbreaking. It'll make you even sadder that she couldn't be at either of her son's weddings, and lend even more meaning to their thoughtful tributes to her.

    14. A Christmas Prince


    It's the best royal romance story ever told, do not @ me.

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