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What Do You Think Will Happen In The "Gilmore Girls" Revival?

Rory ends up with Jess, because reasons.

The Gilmore Girls revival premiere date — Nov. 25 — is getting closer and closer each day. IT'S AN EMOTIONAL TIME.


And we know quite a bit so far. The first teaser had that great banter we love, and so did the first page of the script.


All of Rory's boyfriends are confirmed to return, and one of the first-look photos showed Luke and Lorelai HOLDING HANDS, THANK GAHD.

Saeed Adyani / Netflix

And this is all great, but what does it MEAN?


The theories have already begun. Some people think this picture from the official Instagram means someone is pregnant.

Gilmore Girls / Via

Remember? Lorelai only craves apples when she's pregnant? Which could mean she's pregnant, or maybe the apple craving is genetic and Rory is pregnant?

Warner Bros.

Or maybe no one's pregnant and this is just a nod to a classic Gilmore dish from Season 1.

Warner Bros.

So we put it to you, Stars Hollow residents: What's your best theory about the Gilmore Girls revival? Do you think these nods to Rory's exes have some kind of hidden meaning?

Logan's has the most "likes," just FYI.

Will Emily begin a late-in-life romance with Pennilyn Lott? Will Rory end up teaching at Chilton? Will Mitchum Huntzberger return just to prove that, once and for all, he's a complete asshole?

Tell us your best theories in the comments below, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.