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    Posted on Mar 2, 2016

    The Ladies Of "Fuller House" Find Out How Well They Actually Know Each Other

    They pretty much grew up together, but how well do they really know one another?

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    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Lots of us grew up with D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy on Full House in the '90s. Now that Netflix has given us a reboot of the cherished series with Fuller House, we get to see our favorite ladies all grown up. But how well do the actresses who play our beloved childhood heroines know one another? Candace Cameron-Bure (D.J. Tanner), Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie Tanner), and Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler) stopped by BuzzFeed, and we put them to the test.

    Bonus: We reunited them with Humphrey Beargart!

    What's Andrea's favorite Kimmy Gibbler moment from Fuller House?


    Jodie Sweetin: Wedding
    Candace Cameron-Bure: Her wedding dress
    Andrea Barber: Eating cake!

    Andrea: That's all the same episode! As the Gibbler in the room, I give them that point.

    What's Candace most likely doing between takes?


    Jodie: Texting
    Candace: On my phone = work!
    Andrea: Instagram

    Candace: Pretty much!

    Andrea: All phone-related.

    Candace: Usually working, and social media.


    What's Andrea most likely doing between scenes?


    Jodie: Running
    Candace: Pooping
    Andrea: Knitting scarves

    Andrea: Pooping is actually the most accurate, 'cause you gotta fit into the jeans.

    Jodie: And running to the bathroom! And you're knitting a scarf, while you're on the toilet.


    What's Jodie most likely doing between scenes?


    Andrea: I'm keeping this PG.

    Jodie: What am I doing that's not PG between scenes?

    Candace: Don't look at her for your own answer!


    Jodie: In my trailer on the phone
    Candace: Sitting on living room couch
    Andrea: Chatting on phone

    Jodie: On the phone, yep!

    Candace: You sit on the set couch a lot and just hang a lot.

    Andrea: That's like the water cooler of the set.

    Who's the best dancer?


    Jodie: Me
    Candace: Jodie
    Andrea: Jodie

    Jodie: And I don't mean to sound that obnoxious.

    Andrea: No, but it's true!

    Candace: No, but it's true! You're totally the best dancer.

    Andrea: Candace is a close second because of your training.

    Candace: Thanks, but I think we're equal.

    Andrea: Jodie's on her own planet.


    Who's most likely to be found at craft services?


    Jodie: Me
    Candace: Andrea, coffee
    Andrea: Jodie, coffee!!!

    Candace: Aw, I lose. But I feel like we're always all filling up our coffee cups.

    Jodie: Yeah, I live by the Keurig machine.


    Who's most likely to laugh during a take?


    Jodie: Andrea
    Candace: Jodie
    Andrea: D. All of the above

    Candace: I like your answer. 'Cause we all laugh a lot.

    Jodie: Exactly.

    Andrea: We do. We all do.


    Who's the mom of the group?


    Jodie: Candace
    Candace: All 3 of us
    Andrea: Candace

    Candace: Oh! Thanks! Probably.

    Andrea: I've gotten advice from you in the past.

    Candace: OK thanks, well I think you two are pretty great moms.

    Jodie: Awwww, thanks. But I think you're the mom of us.

    Candace: True.

    Jodie: You keep me in line, which is hard.

    Candace: I totally do.

    Andrea: You teach us things.


    Who misses the '90s the most?


    Jodie: Candace & Andrea
    Candace: Me
    Andrea: Candace, go NKOTB!

    Andrea: It's true! Jodie's is the realest. It's both of us.

    Candace: It's true, yours is the most accurate. We love the '90s!

    Andrea: Yes! Boy bands!


    Who has the biggest crush on John Stamos?


    Jodie: None of us, he's our uncle
    Candace: None of us, Bob Saget
    Andrea: None of the above, eww!

    Jodie: There's probably only three women on the planet who don't think he's [hot].

    Candace: You know Bob, though.

    Jodie: That Bob has a crush on John?

    Candace: They're like, BFFs.


    Fuller House is streaming on Netflix now.

    Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

    Check out the full interview below.

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