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    Here's How "Star Wars" Fans Are Reacting To The Proposed "Last Jedi" Remake

    "It is the year 2076. 'The Last Jedi' has been remade 32 times. And still, no one is happy."

    In case you missed it, there's a fan-driven pseudo-business proposal floating around Twitter right now to fund a full-scale remake of 2017's The Last Jedi.

    Our team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi in order to save Star Wars. Share this and spread the word to let @RobertIger & @Disney know you want this! This isn't a joke, we're ready to have the convo now! #RemakeTheLastJedi #StarWars

    The account wrote in a series of tweets that they wanted a diverse writing team of people that both loved and hated the movie in order to make a version of the film that isn't "blasphemy." They insisted that they are not "basement dwellers who are just keyboard cowboys that will never actually effect real change."

    Seth Rogen had questions about small issues like, oh, procuring the same $200 million budget it took to make the first one, as well as copyright issues with Disney:

    And even Last Jedi director himself Rian Johnson weighed in:

    1. So then, of course, everyone else started weighing in:

    I’ve written a script for the Last Jedi remake. Make this, you cowards:

    2. There are already some solid script suggestions:

    wow these leaked pages from the Star Wars Last Jedi Remake screenplay are amazing

    3. Really, some interesting creative directions that could be taken:

    Ok, how about this, they pay for a The Last Jedi remake, and it's exactly the same but all the actors have to make their own laser and lightsaber noises.

    4. Veeery solid:

    5. Yes, I can see it now:

    The remake of The Last Jedi is just going to be a bunch of straight white dudes measuring their light sabers and saying “Actually” for two hours.

    6. Mmhmm, yep:

    My Last Jedi changes: 1. Change BB-8 into a wise cracking donkey 2. Make Adam driver really short 3. Poe is a swashbuckling cat 4. Rey is green now 5. Shrek. it’s basically just shrek

    7. Ahh, very good, including that classic Star Wars setting:

    [LAST JEDI REMAKE SCRIPT] REY hands the lightsaber to LUKE. He looks at her for a beat, then ... ignites the lightsaber! LUKE: Let's go kick some First Order ass! REY: But I haven't even told you about -- CUT TO: SPACE

    8. They've already got the memes covered:


    9. Some people would like to see cross-fandom interactions:

    I can’t believe there are already leaked scenes from the fan remake of The Last Jedi

    10. Others would like to shine the spotlight on other central Star Wars character:

    I'm going to remake The Last Jedi remake and make every character a LADY and have Luke Skywalker marry six porgs in a trenchcoat.

    11. And, of course, this proposed remake has opened up a whole slew of other possible remakes, like a John Hughes overhaul:

    Inspired by the internet strangers trying to remake THE LAST JEDI, I would like to announce my bid to remake PRETTY IN PINK where Andie chooses neither boy and is probably way better off living her best, independent, fabulous life. Thank you.

    12. Or Pitch Perfect 2, obviously:

    Inspired by the nerds trying to remake THE LAST JEDI I am starting a Patreon campaign for a remake of PITCH PERFECT 2 where Das Sound Machine not only wins but also has Jedi powers and also there's a big orgy scene with full penetration but it'll be classy

    13. Or the sequel to another timeless classic:

    The Last Jedi? Nah. Take that "money" and spend it on a remake we actually, desperately need: HIGHLANDER 2

    14. So many possibilities:

    SEQUELS THAT NEED DO-OVER REMAKES MORE THAN “THE LAST JEDI”: - X-Men: The Last Stand - Men in Black II - Speed 2: Cruise Control - TMNT III - Rocky V - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Dumb and Dumberer - The “Look Who’s Talking” where they get a bunch of dogs

    15. Maybe even some time travel:

    It is the year 2076. The Last Jedi has been remade 32 times. And still no one is happy.

    But seriously, I'd watch four straight hours of Luke Skywalker aggressively and unceasingly chugging green alien breastmilk.


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