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Posted on Oct 11, 2015

Bryan Cranston Just Revealed The Marvel Villain He's Dying To Play

This would be epic. EPIC.

Bryan Cranston, national treasure, graced New York Comic-Con this weekend. He attended the panel for his new show, Supermansion, and bestowed many gifts upon us.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

He started off by coming on stage and beating up the mascot for his own character on the show, Titanium Rex.

Such a Walter White move.

Then he spooned with Seth Green a bit.

They spooned thrice throughout the panel, it was very tender.

And he even signed one lucky fan's Heisenberg tattoo.

The guy said the tattoo took 14 hours.

But the best was still to come. We all know that Cranston recently said he'd "like to do some big supervillain in some Marvel classic," so when a fan asked him what his top choice would be, his answer didn't disappoint: He wants to play Mister Sinister.

"It intrigues me to be able to play a character that hasn't been on film before, so you can create it from the beginning," Cranston told the crowd at NYCC.

Mister Sinister, also known as Nathaniel Essex, was transformed in the 19th century. He also worked with the Nazis during World War II.


He has a lot of ties to the X-Men, and the most bitchin' cape in the Marvel Universe.

Attention, Marvel:

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
  1. What do you guys think? Have we found our Mister Sinister?

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What do you guys think? Have we found our Mister Sinister?
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    Absolutely yes, show me Bryan Cranston in that cape.
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    Absolutely not, I have a better suggestion I'm leaving in the comments.

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