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    All The Best Boxing Week Home Deals On Amazon Canada

    Bed sheets, vacuums, mattress toppers, and more!

    Boxing Week, the time when 🇨🇦 Amazon Canada 🇨🇦 has more deals than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME, is here!

    We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best home deals! So you don't have to comb through the listings yourself.

    1. 59% off a pair of pillow covers that are made with soft microfibre cotton and are completely waterproof! They'll protect your pillows from dust mites, bed bugs, perspiration, and allergens, making them a great addition to any bed decor.

    2. 43% off a bestselling computer desk that is simple, but oh-so stylish. The table top provides tons of space to work, along with two deep shelves for extra storage.

    3. 38% off a AeroGarden countertop garden, that'll turn your kitchen into a personal vegetable plot. It's a super low maintenance garden and is spacious enough to fit up to three plants. Now you can grow your favourite herbs and vegetables all year around and use fresh produce in your cooking, that are completely free of harmful herbicides or pesticides.

    4. 35% off a coil spring mattress that'll send you off to sleep faster than Goldilocks in someone else's bed. It has a thick foam base that'll conform perfectly to your body and relieve pressure points, so you can sleep soundly all night long.

    5. 35% off a pack of reusable metal straws to replace all the single-use plastic you've been using. These eco-friendly suckers come in two styles that will work with a variety of cups. Plus, they come with two brushes to make cleaning a lot easier.

    6. 32% off an owl-shaped utensil holder that'll keep all your kitchen tools in one place. It's made of a thick ceramic material that won't chip or fade overtime. You can also use it in other areas of the home like your office or bedroom to organize pencils, makeup brushes, and other small items.

    7. 30% off a pack of furniture felt pads that'll protect your floors from damage. The felt pads are extra durable and are lined with an adhesive, so you can stick it directly on dressers, chairs, desks, and tables.

    8. 28% off a five-tiered shoe rack that'll store and display your growing footwear collection. The rack is super easy to assemble and can hold up to 25 pairs of shoes. Plus, you can split the racks into two separate racks if you want to store shoes in multiple places, like by the door and in your bedroom closet.

    9. 28% off a personal space heater, if you're someone who is ALWAYS cold. This mini heater can sit on or under your desk at work to keep you warm all day long. All you need to do is plug it in.

    10. 12% off a plushy memory foam mattress topper that'll instantly transform your bed to a soft, gel-infused cloud. The foam topper gently cradles you as the temperature-regulating gel foam works to keep you cool all night long.

    11. 21% off a compact side table that you can place next to your couch or bed. It's made of 100% natural bamboo that is both lightweight and durable. It has a simple design, but it's the perfect size for small spaces.

    12. 20% off a duvet set that'll take your bedroom decor to the next level. The duvet cover is made of 100% jersey cotton, making it super soft and breathable. Plus, the cover has a hidden zipper closure at the bottom and four corner ties inside to keep the comforter from moving.

    13. 20% off a minimalist silverware organizer that won't take up an entire drawer. Each section stacks perfectly on top of the other, creating more space for the rest of your kitchen tools!

    14. 20% off a rolling laundry hamper with four separate bags, so you can sort your dirty clothes with ease. The wheels make it so easy to roll the hamper to the laundry room. The bags are also removable, so you can just take the bag instead of bring the whole thing.

    15. 20% off a minimalist shelf that'll display and organize all your books and home decor. The frame is made with super durable metal and isn't very wide, so it'll fit perfectly in small spaces.

    16. 20% off a set food storage containers that you can keep with super handy spouts, so you can pour cereal without much effort. The lid helps seal out air and doubles as a measuring cup!

    17. 19% off a small robotic vacuum that'll become your new cleaning companion. This little rugrat will quietly vacuum your floors while you take care of the rest with the built-in hand vacuum attachment.

    18. 18% off a microfibre sheet set that'll feel like an absolute dream. They're breathable, moisture-wicking, and designed to adjust to your body temperature, so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

    19. 13% off a fancy SodaStream that'll transform water into a fizzy carbonated beverage in less than 30 seconds. Now you can enjoy a refreshing glass of sparkling water and you don't even have to leave your house to do it!

    20. 18% off a daily planner and journal that'll help you plan for the year ahead. You'll have enough space to write out your schedule for the day, along with a super-helpful section to write down goals and tasks.

    21. 18% off a grass-shaped dish rack that's perfect for cups and bottles. The rack is super easy to clean and has a tray at the bottom to collect excess water, so it won't leak all over your countertop.

    22. 18% off a pair of grid panels that'll turn your wall into a DIY bulletin board. The grid design has a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and comes with clips so you can hang up their favourite photos, notes, and other knickknacks.

    23. 16% off a set of plushy bathroom towels that are incredibly soft, durable, and absorbent. The set includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

    24. 16% off a 2-in-1 steam mop that'll deep clean and sanitize your floors without using chemicals. The mop pad detaches to become a handheld device, so you can steam clean kitchen and bathroom sinks, countertops, stovetops, and more!

    25. 15% off a cinema light box that you can use as stylish piece of home decor or as an Insta-worthy prop in your next social media photo session. It comes with 100 letters and includes built-in letter storage in the back of the light box.

    26. 15% off a double-walled travel mug that's made with insulated stainless steel, so your drink will stay hot for up to four hours. Plus, the lid is leakproof, making it a commute-friendly coffee mug. Just sip and enjoy!

    27. 15% off a set of blackout curtains that'll transform your bedroom into the cave of your dreams. They're perfect for anyone who needs absolute darkness to get a good night's rest. Instead of having a love-but-mostly-hate relationship with the street lights or sunlight outside, hang these light-blocking curtains and go to sleep in peace.

    28. 15% off of a nine-piece comforter set that is so comfy, it'll be really hard to get out of bed in the morning. The comforter is reversible and is made with an ultra soft microfibre material and down alternative filling.

    29. 15% off a stackable and multi-functional makeup organizer that is the holy grail of all beauty storage containers. With the combination of drawers and makeup compartments, it can easily hold all your lipsticks, makeup brushes, and eyeshadow palettes.

    30. 15% off a minimalist-looking dresser that'll add extra storage space and a touch of elegance to your bedroom. The dresser has five drawers that are lined plastic dampers, so the drawers close slowly.

    31. 15% off a Casper mattress that'll revolutionize the way you sleep. It has three layers of ultra-cushy foam that'll conform to the contours of your body and gently cradle you as you catch up on some much needed ZZZZs.

    32. 15% off a vintage wax seal stamp kit you'll use the next time you sign, seal, and deliver a handwritten letter. The kit comes with one wooden hilt, a seal stamp, and three wax sticks, so you can get started right away.

    33. 13% off a bestselling shower curtain that has a weight hem to keep the curtain in place. The metal grommets are rust resistant and the curtain is made of mould-and mildew-resistant polyester fabric.

    34. 11% off large woven basket that'll store and organize extra linens when you're not using them. It's super cute and incredibly portable, so you don't have to carry your blankets up and down the stairs.

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