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    43 Of The Best Add-On Items You Can Get On Amazon Canada Right Now

    I'll take one of each, please.

    1. A super-absorbent microfibre cloth that is gentle, but durable enough to use on any and every surface in your home. They can be used without chemical cleaners and won't leave behind lint or streak marks.

    A stack of folded wash cloths on a table

    2. A bottle of eos shaving cream that you can use it on wet or dry skin. It's loaded with aloe to prevent irritation and shea butter to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated after every shave.

    3. A scrubbing brush that has a long handle and narrow, flexible head that can get those hard-to-reach corners of your cups, water bottles, and vases.

    4. A lil' bottle of John Frieda purple shampoo that'll enhance, prolong, and protect your colour-treated blonde hair. The violet hues will tame those yellow hues, so it's perfect for blondes with cool and ash tones.

    5. A jelly eye mask that'll treat you to a mini facial after a long day. It's infused with seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid to soothe and hydrate your skin in 15 minutes. When you’re done, you don’t have to rinse it off with water — just massage the serum into your skin and go.

    Three sheet masks in packaging on a plain background

    6. A pack of markers with special ink that'll only work on Crayola's colouring paper. It won't show up on furniture, clothes, or skin, so you won't have to worry about your little ones making a mess.

    A child's hand colouring a picture of an octopus on a paper

    7. A waterproof pouch that'll make you want to ditch single-use plastic bags for good. You can use it to stash munchies, makeup, or school supplies inside, without worrying about the bag breaking or leaking.

    A sandwich bag on a table with a bagel popping out of the top

    8. A lip balm that'll transport you to the tropics with its juicy watermelon scent. It's packed with vitamin E and squalane oil to hydrate your pout, and contains SPF 20 to protect your lips from sun damage.

    A small tube of lip balm on a plate

    9. A wire rack that'll give your treats a place to cool before you devour them. Reviewers also like using it in the oven to crisp or roast their food.

    a batch of cookies cooling on a wire rack

    10. A pack of ballpoint pens, so you'll actually have some around when you need them. They have transparent barrels, so you'll know exactly when the ink runs out.

    A notepad with an uncapped pen on top

    11. A bottle of hand soap that'll clean your hands, without leaving them feeling dry. It's made with chamomile and oatmeal, so it'll be very gentle or your skin.

    A bottle of hand soap in a pile of oats

    12. A pack of vegan chewing gum that you can enjoy without consuming artificial sweeteners. It’ll freshen your breath in seconds and it comes in a ton of flavours, which is a nice change from your basic peppermint.

    A person blowing a bubble with chewing gum

    13. A packet of Clorox cleaning wipes that'll disinfect any surface in seconds. The wipes are gentle enough that you can use them on your devices and they come in a travel sized package, so you can easily fit them it in your bag for emergencies.

    A person's hand holding a package of travel-sized disinfecting wipes

    14. A scrubbing brush that'll do all the hard work for you. The stiff bristles will remove all the grease and stains from your dishes and it has a scraping tool at the tip to get the bits of food that get stuck on your plates and pans.

    15. A pack of magnetic clips that you can use to mount pictures, receipts, and other documents to your fridge. And they can double as bag clips, so your favourite snacks stay fresh as heck.

    A bunch of magnetic clips stuck to a fridge door

    16. An instant stain remover pen that'll remove fresh stains on your shirt before you leave the house. It'll come in handy for the times you accidentally spill something on yourself and don't have time to change your entire outfit.

    17. A pack of dental brushes that'll help you remove every last piece of food from your chompers. They're more durable than floss and toothpicks and you can use them for up to two weeks before you have to replace them.

    18. A classic game of Candyland that you probably played as a child (or just really, really wanted to). Reviewers say the rules are simple enough that you can play it with kids as little as four.

    Two adults and two kids sitting in front of a small table with a board game on top

    19. A bottle of cleaning spray that'll clean and polish all your stainless steel surfaces. Reviewers love using it on their dishwashers, stove tops, and sinks to get rid of pesky fingerprint stains, grease, and smudges.

    20. A bottle of Dove body wash that'll add moisture to your skin instead of stripping it away. It's super gentle, but penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin to soften, smooth, and hydrate every time you shower.

    A bunch of body wash bottles in a group

    21. An Arm & Hammer air filter that'll keep your fridge and its contents fresh as heck. It has a suction cup on the back that'll stick to your refrigerator wall, so it won't take up any shelf space.

    A round air filter gadget in packaging

    22. A little scoop that'll help you make and place perfectly round balls of dough on your baking pan every time. You won't have to get your hands dirty and all your cookies will be the same size.

    A ice cream scoop with a ball of cookie dough in it

    23. A bottle of Gorilla wood glue that you can actually rely on. It's a water-based formula and transparent, so you won't have any residue on your wooden creations.

    A person applying glue to a piece of wood

    24. A sheet mask that'll keep your skin hydrated, because it's packed with half a bottle of serum. It's also incredibly gentle, so it can be used on almost all skin types.

    25. A battery tester that’ll let you know which ones are dead or alive. You can even pop your rechargeable batteries in to see how much juice each one has.

    A small rectangular device with a D battery hooked up on the side

    26. A bottle of Cetaphil face wash that's designed for people with sensitive skin. It's unscented, oil free, and non-comedogenic, making it super gentle on your skin. Plus, reviewers say it won't leave your skin feeling tight or dry.

    A person washing their face at a bathroom sink with a bottle of cleanser beside them

    27. A tube of blue mascara that'll add an unexpected pop of colour to your eye makeup. You won't need false lashes for fullness because reviewers say it adds both volume and length to your lashes without clumping or flaking.

    28. A package of dark chocolate balls with soft fruity centers that'll become your go-to snack. The bag is resealable, but TBH you'll probably finish it in one sitting.

    A glass bowl filled with chocolate covered fruit candies

    29. A small drain protector that'll catch stray hairs before they slide down the pipes. It’ll save them from a clogged drain and the disgusting chore of having to remove hair from it.

    A star-shaped silicone drain cover in a tub

    30. A container of Polysporin lip treatment that'll repair and nourish your lips overnight, so you'll wake up with a soft, hydrated pout. It has the texture of a thick cream that'll sink into your lips instead of just sitting on top.

    A small container of lip balm

    31. A fluffy blending brush that'll keep your makeup from streaking or clumping. It has ultra-fine synthetic fibres that'll pick up product, so you won't have to keep swiping away at your makeup pans.

    A dense fluffy makeup brush next to a swatch of loose powder

    32. This S-biner micro-lock that'll make it a lot easier for you to add and remove your keys, cards, and other small items. It has a twistable lock at the center that'll keep the gates from sliding open.

    Kat holding her key ring with the carabiner attached that has a single key hanging from it

    33. A can of cookware cleaner that'll restore your dishes to their former glory. You can use it on stainless steel, porcelain, and glass kitchenware to remove everything from grease and rust stains to hard water deposits.

    A person cleaning their metal pan with cleansing powder

    34. A pair of repairing hand masks that'll help rebalance your skin's moisture levels in ten minutes. They're great for anyone who has very dry, but also very sensitive skin. They're packed with calming shea butter and prebiotic oat, and are unscented, so they won't irritate your skin.

    35. A pack of safety plugs that'll keep your baby from sticking their fingers or other objects into the outlets. They have rounded edges that'll make it harder for your little one to take them out.

    A couple of plugs covering the outlets

    36. A tube of Crest charcoal toothpaste that'll whiten your teeth, so you don't have to pay for expensive treatments. The charcoal gently removes surface stains, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive teeth. And it has a nice mint flavour that'll leave you feeling fresh AF.

    37. A glass food container that won’t absorb odours or change colour like a traditional plastic one. It has a snap-and-lock lid that’ll prevent food from leaking out, and it’s also oven safe, so you can use it as a serving dish, too.

    A glass container on a BBQ

    38. A pack of cleaning wipes, because washing machines need a bath every now and then, too. They're lined with micro-grab fibres that'll trap residue, dirt, and dust, and will leave behind a light, lemony scent.

    A person cleaning the inside of their washing machine with a cleaning wipe

    39. A pack of Command cord organizers that'll keep your cables in order and out of the way. You won't even notice them because they're small and transparent. Plus, their adhesive backings will stick to almost any surface and won't damage your walls when you're ready to remove them.

    Two cords plugged into the wall and organized by a set of Command hooks stuck to a wall

    40. A silicone food storage bag that you'll be able to use over and over again. It's a great way to stash your favourite munchies in your bag, and it has an airtight seal, so it won't leak.

    41. A bottle of EOS hand cream that's made with aloe, cocoa butter, and oat extract to soften, protect, and moisturize dry hands. It absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy, so you won't have to worry about transferring product every time you touch something.

    Three round tubes of hand cream on a plain background

    42. A bottle of quick-drying super glue that'll repair small or delicate items (like toys and ceramic figurines), without leaving behind a gross, goopy mess. Reviewers love that it works on just about any surface and say that the tip doesn't get clogged up easily.

    A person gluing a leg back onto a ceramic elephant with super glue

    43. And finally, a strawberry-scented lip balm that'll react to the PH level of your skin and tint your kissers a unique shade of pink. And it's still really hydrating thanks to argan oil and beeswax.

    A lip balm lying on a satin blanket

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