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    31 Things For Anyone Whose Favourite Word Is “Coffee”

    Words cannot ~espresso~ how much you love coffee.

    1. This pour-over coffee maker that'll brew a fresh cup of joe into a mouth-blown glass carafe in five minutes flat. It comes with a mesh filter made of stainless steel, so you won't need paper ones.

    A glass carafe filled with coffee

    2. This granola mix that'll add a little crunch to your yogurt or smoothie bowl, but is so tasty that you'll probably just eat it out of the package. With a combination of fruits, nuts, coffee, and white chocolate chunks, it'll make the perfect base for a batch of homemade granola bars.

    3. This glass coffee cup, so you can enjoy a hot drink while you're on the go. It comes with a heat-resistant silicone sleeve, and it's small enough to store in your bag for future caffeine cravings.

    Five small glass coffee cups with silicone lids and sleeves on them

    4. A vegan body scrub that'll reenergize your skin and soul with a blend of roasted coffee grinds and sweet almond oil. You'll fall in love with the grainy texture and intoxicating scent of this exfoliant, and it also has vitamin E in it to keep skin hydrated.

    5. This bestselling coffee maker and pitcher that'll help you make the perfect batch of iced coffee every time. You can store it in the fridge overnight to let it brew and you’ll wake up to four cups of delicious iced coffee.

    6. These glass mugs that'll make your brew look a little fancier. They're made with double-walled borosilicate glass, so your drinks will stay hot until the very last drop.

    Two glass mugs of coffee on a wooden table

    7. This adult colouring book that combines two things that you love: coffee and cute animals. You'll appreciate how relaxing this activity is, and the pages have fun coffee recipes for you to try out, too.

    8. This travel-friendly coffee maker that uses hot water and a steady air pressure to brew the perfect cup of joe. It takes less than a minute to press your coffee and can make up to three cups at a time.

    A person holding a small espresso maker with a pump on top

    9. These purrty cat spoons that'll hang from the edge of your coffee cup and radiate Caturday vibes every time you take a sip.

    10. This ceramic mug that you'll love drinking out of every morning. It's shaped like a tiny curling rock that'll thrill anyone who is a fan of the sport, and reviewers say it's large enough to hold a decent cup of coffee.

    A mug in the shape of a curling rock on a side table

    11. This electric milk frother that'll help you whip up a frothy cappuccino, so you won’t need to leave the house for Starbucks. It has a double-spring whisk head, making it easier and faster to froth a large cup of milk.

    Four images of someone frothing milk in a metal pitcher and pouring it over a cup of coffee

    12. This pack of vegan chewing gum that you can enjoy, without consuming artificial sweeteners. They come in a ton of flavours including coffee, which is a nice change from your basic peppermint.

    13. These stencils that'll help you perfect your latte art. There are 16 different stencils and they're easy to use. Just place one on top of your mug and sprinkle cinnamon or espresso powder over the cup to create your design.

    14. These cotton socks that'll let your housemates know not to approach you unless they have coffee. The little message is not only funny but also gives your socks some extra grip, so you won't slip on the floor. Now, where is the coffee?

    A person sitting with feet on a coffee table wearing socks that say if you can read this bring me coffee

    15. This minimalist necklace that combines your love of coffee and science. The pendant is modeled after the molecular structure of caffeine, making it a subtle and fun way to rep your favourite hot beverage.

    A person wearing a necklace with a small pendant

    16. This large French press that'll actually make you want to get out of bed in the morning. It has two stainless steel filters that'll keep grounds out of your coffee.

    A metal French press on a table next to a glass jar full of coffee beans and a plate with a croissant on it

    17. This coffee book that'll look amazing on your table and teach you about where and how coffee is grown.

    A large book called the world atlas of coffee on a plain background

    18. This little moka pot that'll help you make coffee as well as your local barista, without having to use a bulky and complicated espresso machine. You can use it on any type of stovetop and it separtes into three parts, making it super easy to clean.

    19. This 2-in-1 bag clip and measuring spoon that'll be the perfect accessory for your coffee bag. It'll help measure the right amount of coffee every time while keeping your coffee stash fresh.

    20. This Keurig K-Mini that'll brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. Its compact size makes it perfect for a small space like an office desk, and it’s light enough to move from to other parts of your home.

    A small coffee maker on a counter dispensing coffee into a mug

    21. This OXO storage container that has an airtight seal to keep your coffee beans fresh AF. The button on the lid locks it to prevent moisture and carbon dioxide from getting in, so it's basically a bunker for your beans.

    A clear container filled with coffee beans

    22. This bag of organic, fair trade coffee that'll definitely put a pep in your step. There are over a dozen flavours to choose from and it's highly-rated (over 1,000 five-star reviews!).

    23. This itty-bitty coffee dictionary that'll teach you a few things about your favourite beverage. It's the perfect book to add to your collection if you're a true coffee connoisseur.

    24. This unique ice tray that'll freeze coffee into tiny bean-shaped cubes, so you can cool down your piping hot cuppa Joe without diluting the flavour. It's made of silicone, so it's super easy to pop the ice cubes out of the tray.

    25. These caffeinated chocolate bars that could wake the dead (aka anyone before coffee). Each two-bite bar is equal to one cup of coffee, making them a great snack to keep in your bag for a quick caffeine fix.

    26. These rustic-looking wall decals that'll transform your kitchen into a local coffee shop. The stickers are easy to apply and won't leave a sticky residue, so you're free to remove or reposition them at any time.

    27. This coffee dripper that'll brew a single cup of joe right into your mug. It'll fit over most mugs, and it has measurements on the side, so you'll know exactly how much water is in it.

    28. This ceramic mug that'll keep your drink deliciously hot, so you won't have to reheat your cup of coffee after a few hours. You can set it to the perfect temperature using the Ember App on your phone, and it'll last one hour before it needs to be charged.

    A person holding a ceramic mug

    29. Or this travel-friendly coffee mug that'll hold your cuppa Joe as you brave the cold weather this winter. It's leakproof design will save you from spills and and it's vacuum-insulated, so it'll keep your beverage hot for hours and hours.

    A person pouring coffee from a French press into a travel coffee cup

    30. This reusable cloth filter, so you can stop buying the single-use paper ones. This eco-friendly filter is perfect for small to medium coffee makers and can make up to six cups before it needs to be washed. It's also antimicrobial and is handmade in Canada.

    31. And finally, this coffee grinder that may look small, but is mighty when it comes to making ground coffee. It'll hold enough beans to make 12 cups of coffee in one go, and reviewers even use it to grind herbs, spices, and grains.

    A small coffee grinder with herbs, spices, and coffee beans in piles in front of it

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