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Which TV Character Completely Changed From The Beginning Of The Series To The End?

Here's looking at you, Captain Holt.

If you're anything like me, you're a sucker for a good TV show with some dynamic characters. But do you know the best part about these TV shows? Watching your favorite characters grow into someone completely unrecognizable.

Maybe you think Alexis from Schitt's Creek grew *so* much from the pilot episode to the finale. She started out as someone who could never let others in, but by the end, she was able to communicate her true feelings to her family and friends.

Or perhaps you believe Santana Lopez from Glee grew into such a wonderful person. She used to be someone who took her anger out on others, but she eventually took charge of her own life and was able to live it freely and unapologetically.

Or maybe Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine threw you for a loop because he used to be strictly professional and avoided getting close with his coworkers, but as time went on, he developed deep relationships with Jake, Amy, and the rest of the Nine-Nine.

Captain Holt marrying Jake and Amy on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"

Whoever it is, we want to know! Tell us which TV character had the most growth as a person, and why you think so, in the comments below.

Michael hugging Eleanor at the train station

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